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Participant Stories

Sandi from Duvall

"I had intended to take the bus for several years but never found the time or motivation. I saw the Metro In Motion program on Facebook offering a free two week ORCA Card so I signed up. I now ride the bus to and from work 4 days a week! I live in Duvall and work in downtown Redmond. I have lost 15 pounds due to the extra walking and even speed walked two recent 5k's. :-) Also I take the bus to downtown Seattle to enjoy a stress and hassle-free visits to the city. The drivers are friendly. The buses are clean and warm. I am catching up on my reading and truly feel great...Much healthier!"

Getting In Motion with Davey Oil

Follow Davey Oil and his kids as they bike together around Seattle. As an experienced and long-time cyclist, Davey offers valuable advice for those who are interested in bicycling. Davey also discusses the benefits of driving less including cost and time savings. Thanks to Davey and his family! Please like and share this video to help spread the word.


 Getting In Motion with Khatsini

Follow Khatsini as she demonstrates her car-free lifestyle by biking and taking the bus to work. Khatsini talks about her favorite parts of her commute, such as running into friends, exploring her city, and the benefits of taking her bike on the bus. Thanks to Khatsini! Please like and share this video to help spread the word.


Getting In Motion with Nora

Follow Nora as she walks her son to school and then takes the bus to work. Nora discusses useful tools that can help you get where you need to go, such as the OneBusAway app. Nora also talks about how walking and taking the bus have hlped her and her family build community. Thanks to Nora and her family! Please like and share this video to help spread the word. 





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