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Cottonwood trees - Removal to begin Oct 9

King County Parks removed 12 cottonwood trees from the outfield of the baseball fields, which caused ongoing maintenance and safety problems. Other tree species will be planted in the park per permit requirements.

Big Finn Hill Park "South"

King County Parks installed a new trail bridge to replace the one washed out from 2016 landslide. More info and photos over on The Plog (Parks blog).

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This 220-acre multi-use park with a range of recreation options, as well as being a wooded urban oasis along Juanita Drive. To the east of the road, the park offers ballfields, a play area, a picnic shelter and natural surface trails; to the west of the road, trails loop through the forest. The trails are frequented by mountain bikers, dog walkers, and hikers.The trails at Big Finn Hill Park connect with trails at Saint Edwards State Park to the north. Steep climbs in the north and south combine with moderate rolling terrain on the ridge tops. With its variety of flora and terrain, Big Finn Hill Park visitors also include deer, owls, hawks and eagles.

Access: Park entrances are located at NE 138th St. from both Juanita Drive NE and 84th Ave NE. Two parking areas are available within the park area east of Juanita Drive NE. The only parking west of Juanita Drive NE is on-street parking.

Location: The park is located in the northwest part of the City of Kirkland and just south of the City of Kenmore.

Use: Soccer/lacrosse, baseball, children’s play area, picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, nature observation, dog walking.

Maps: Backcountry Trails Maps