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This 334 acre open space site is part of a multiuse site with a large landscape of working forest lands that were historically part of the railroad land grants. It is named to reflect historical reference to the railroad line that traveled through the site and the former Georgetown mining town.  It features deciduous forests, wetlands and riparian corridors that provide wildlife habitat for a diversity of species.  Former log hauling roads provide the backbone of an extensive system of high quality  backcountry trails on the site. The site is bordered by Rock Creek Natural Area to the west, the 315 acre Kent Watershed to the south and privately owned working forest land to the east.  The Danville-Georgetown site is managed by the county as a model of active forest management that maintains a balance of ecological, economic and recreation values.


Access: Parking is available along the Summit-Landsburg Road.


Use: Hiking and horseback riding are predominant uses. Mountain biking is allowed on a voluntary use basis.  Mountain bikers are encouraged to use nearby Henry’s Ridge as a primary mountain bike trail site.