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Forests are an important part of the character, environment and economy that make King County a unique place to live. Forests provide many ecological, social and economic benefits, including retaining and filtering storm water, replenishing groundwater for streams and lakes, providing fish and wildlife habitat, sequestering carbon and releasing oxygen that we breathe. Forests provide recreation trails for hikers, runners, mountain bikers and equestrians. And forests provide jobs and revenue through the harvesting of timber and other forest products.

King County Parks manages more than 25,000 acres of forest land. Of this acreage, roughly 3,800 acres are designated as working forests and are managed by our Forestry Program to balance timber harvests with resource protection and restoration through sustainable and adaptive forest practices.
The remaining forestland is dispersed across the rest of our parks and natural areas. In addition, King County Parks is responsible for nearly 145,000 acres of conservation easements.