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Recreational users on the Lower White River are advised to be on alert for changing river conditions downstream of the A Street Bridge. This segment of the White River has historically experienced shifting gravel bars and relatively high rates of large wood loading due in part to the high sediment load in the White River. In 2017, King County completed construction of the Countyline levee setback project, which removed a portion of the old levee on the left (east) bank across from Pacific City Park and constructed a new levee to the east. A mid-channel gravel bar at river mile (RM) 6.1 (across from Pacific Park) diverts a portion of flow to river left through the location of the old levee and into a series of recently formed channels. The new channel area contains abundant natural wood that may span one or more of the new channels, as well as engineered logjams constructed in the floodplain and along the bank as part of the Countyline project. All floaters and boaters are advised to exit river right at Pacific City Park to avoid entering the recently formed channels.