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One-Day Class
7.5 hours

Registration & fee required

Continuing education units (CEUs): 0.75

GISCI educational achievement points: 0.1875

This class is eligible for GI Bill education and training benefits.

King Street Center,
Computer Training Room

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ArcGIS provides dozens of geoprocessing tools that allow you to analyze and manage your data efficiently. Tools are available for changing the projection, selecting features, adding fields, buffering features, clipping features, and much more. Models are workflows made of geoprocessing tools and data sources, which can be repeated and automated without having to learn a scripting language. This full-day class will walk you through a real-world analysis example that will familiarize you with geoprocessing tools, ArcGIS Toolbox, and ModelBuilder. The class includes lectures, demos, and hands-on exercises to get you started in the world of geoprocessing.


Efficient Geoprocessing Using ModelBuilder is designed for GIS users who want to use geoprocessing tools and models in their daily operations and analyses.

Activities and Goals

  • Understand the concept of geoprocessing and its applications.
  • Learn how to search for, and where to find, geoprocessing tools.
  • Find out how to get help with using geoprocessing tools.
  • Set up the ArcGIS user interface so that you can easily access your favorite geoprocessing tools and ensure that results are saved in a suitable place.
  • Build a simple geoprocessing model and edit a complex model.
  • Create a tool from a model.
  • View a model as a script.

Topics Covered

  • Geoprocessing basics.
  • ArcGIS Toolbox and geoprocessing tools.
  • Converting a multi-step process into a model.
  • Basic and more advanced ModelBuilder tasks.
  • A brief introduction to scripting.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

Completion of Fundamentals of ArcGIS and Intermediate GIS Concepts or equivalent knowledge is required.

What You Will Receive

  • 7.5 hours of instruction from subject-matter experts and Academy class authors.
  • Use of a student PC while in class, with appropriate GIS software and access to training data.
  • A copy of the class training materials.
  • Upon completion, a signed completion certificate which will indicate the CEUs (0.75) and GISCI points (0.1875) earned.

Our Students Speak

“Loved the pace of the course. It's so nice having the extra time in class to work on the exercises. I don't feel pressured to complete them and move on. It gives me time to formulate my questions.”

I liked the personal questions that were answered…about how to implement the model builder into my own projects”

“Learning how to use ModelBuilder to automate repetitive tasks is going to be VERY helpful for work.”

“Learning how to do spatial joins and the basic ModelBuilder. Those two exercises back-to-back were great.”