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The King County Geographic Information System (KCGIS) is a consolidated and coordinated program involving seventeen county GIS end-user agencies in partnership with the KCGIS Center, the county’s provider of designated enterprise GIS services. The director of the Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP) is responsible for management of the KCGIS program.

The consolidated KCGIS program is governed by technical and oversight committees, which include representation from all seventeen participant agencies plus the KCGIS Center.

The consolidated KCGIS program includes an enterprise operation organized as the KCGIS Center, which is structured as an internal service fund managed by DNRP. Business-specific GIS services are typically provided by agency GIS units.

The KCGIS organization chart illustrates the KCGIS participants, governance structure, and the relationships of the participants. This chart is updated annually during the development of the KCGIS Production Operations and Maintenance Plan, which provides more detail about KCGIS in general and the GIS work programs of individual county agencies.