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Introduction [from the document]

This document describes the state of the King County Geographic Information System (KCGIS) as of December 2014. It represents the culmination of a collaborative effort by personnel throughout the County to describe the 2015-2016 biennial GIS work programs for participating agencies. GIS is critical to the business of King County, as demonstrated in its use for property appraisal, permit review, emergency services, human services, election services, wastewater facilities planning, natural resource and parks management, waste management, public health, road maintenance, transit services, airport management, crime analysis, budget development, policymaking, legislative support, and growth management. This document provides the details of how GIS supports those and many other business functions.

A key mission of KCGIS is to generate an annual comprehensive work plan (known as the Operations and Maintenance Plan, or O&M Plan). This document is the 2015-2016 edition of that work plan. It builds on the experience of the 2002–2013 O&M plans. With King County moving to a biennial budget cycle for all agencies starting in 2015 the KCGIS Technical Committee reconsidered the timing of our annual O&M plan. In order to maximize the potential for GIS work plans to influence and integrate with the broader scope of departmental business planning and budgeting the committee decided to move the timeframe for development of the plan to coincide with the new biennial budget cycle. This major document will now be produced every two years synchronized with the budget process with only needed revisions in the off years. The plan includes information on the major components of any GIS—hardware, software, data, applications and staff. Each of these is addressed in the context of current structures and planned changes for 2015-16. The result is a comprehensive picture that details the King County GIS work program. As in previous years, the 2015-16 O&M Plan provides lists of data and applications, descriptions of current work tasks, details of agency GIS programs, and information on GIS budgets.

The document is organized as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Organization
  • Priority Initiatives
  • Agency Work Plans
  • Summary Information
  • KCGIS Center Services
  • GIS Committees
  • Appendix


Copies of our O&M plan for each year since 2002 are available by request. Contact us.