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In December 2012, as part of an update to the King County Comprehensive Plan, the King County Council added Comprehensive Plan Policy R-650 to the Rural Area and Natural Resource Lands Chapter. The policy calls for “…a collaborative watershed planning process with the goal of maintaining and improving agricultural viability, improving ecological function and habitat quality, and restoring floodplains through integrated, watershed-wide strategies.”

King County Water and Land Resources Division (WLRD) led the effort to create the watershed planning process pursuant to policy R-650. Starting in the Snoqualmie watershed, WLRD staff worked with a cross-section of agricultural, salmon habitat, and flood risk reduction interests to devise multi-objective strategies that improve conditions for farm, fish, and flood risk management objectives through a collaborative process. An advisory committee began meeting in November 2013 finalize its recommendation in April 2017.


Note: all documents provided on this page are Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


  • Map 1 - Floodplain/Floodway/Agricultural Production District Overlap Map
  • Map 2 - Fish Distribution
  • Map 3 - 10-Year Flood Depth Map
  • Map 4 - 2012 Aerial Image
  • Map 5 - 2013 Snoqualmie River APD Land Use
  • Map 6 - Snoqualmie Agricultural Waterways Classification

For more information about the Snoqualmie Fish, Farm & Flood Advisory Committee, please contact Joan Lee, Section Manager, Rural and Regional Services Section, Water and Land Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks.