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Get involved in the Duwamish! The river communities are a great place to play, work, volunteer and celebrate.


Visit Duwamish Alive! to find out how you or your organization can volunteer at the Duwamish.


The Duwamish River has many opportunities to play. From a new kayak launch to bike and pedestrian trails, to new parks with public art, there are many ways to enjoy the Duwamish River Valley. Explore options on this map of community amenities .

Visiting the Duwamish is a great way to see some of Seattle’s favorite native animals. The Duwamish is home to a wide variety of fish, birds, and marine mammals. The cleanup effort will help make our river a safer place for these creatures.


Several events throughout the year celebrate the Duwamish River and its communities.

  • The Duwamish River Festival in South Park is a great way to experience the river.
  • The new Duwamish Longhouse also hosts a variety of events that celebrate the tribes that have called this river home for thousands of years.


Learn a skill or trade

Join the business community

Volunteers at Duwamish Alive, 2008Volunteers at Duwamish Alive!, 2008

Georgetown P-PatchGeorgetown P-Patch

The Duwamish Longhouse hosts a variety of events that celebrate the tribes that have called this river home for thousands of yearsDuwamish Longhouse

Gateway ParkGateway Park

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Georgetown Garden WalkRain gardens and bioswales are a great way to control stormwater and protect water quality. The South Orcas Greenstreets project was recently featured at the annual Georgetown Garden Walk (external link). The six rain gardens here not only look great, but they also divert 6,000 gallons of polluted storm water from the Duwamish River each year. Learn more about green stormwater infrastructure here.

For more information

For more information about the Duwamish environmental cleanup process, please contact Caryn Sengupta.