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Project description

Located in the Sammamish River Service Area, the Middle Issaquah Creek Natural Area consists of 41.3 acres of public land along Issaquah Creek. Within the Middle Issaquah Creek Natural Area, the Issaquah Creek mitigation project will remove existing fill, create wetlands, place large wood and wildlife trees, and restore native vegetation to create a riverine wetland that improves water quality and hydrology, and provides habitat for fish and wildlife.


This project will fulfill in-lieu fee mitigation credit obligations for the Mitigation Reserves Program, which is providing compensatory mitigation for unavoidable wetland and aquatic area impacts associated with development in the Sammamish Service Area. By creating and enhancing wetlands, the project helps to protect and improve water quality, provide habitat, store floodwaters, and maintain water flow during droughts. Restoring these ecosystem services will improve the Middle Issaquah Creek Natural Area, and benefit area residents.

Aerial photograph of King County's Issaquah Creek mitigation project within Middle Issaquah Creek Natural Area

Point of contact

Primary point of contact (project manager) -- Josh Latterell, Ph.D.
Project sponsor -- Megan Webb

Vicinity maps

Issaquah Creek Mitigation Project Vicinity Map  

JPEG (738 KB)

Issaquah Creek Area Existing Public Lands

JPEG (603 KB)

Diagram of proposed project

Issaquah Creek Mitigation Project Mitigation Credit Areas and Perimeter Protection 

JPEG (1,707 KB)


Project schedule

Issaquah Creek Mitigation Project schedule overview
Alternatives analysis complete                  July 2017
30% design complete Feb. 2018
60% design complete June 2018
100% design complete Oct. 2018
Notice to Proceed Mar. 2019
Implementation 2019
Monitoring 2020-2030


Project documents

Determination of Non-Significance PDF (146 KB) 

Environmental Checklist PDF (1.76 MB)


For more information about King County’s Mitigation Reserves Program, please contact Megan Webb, Program Manager (in the Water & Land Resources Division’s Rural and Regional Services Section).