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Presentations are provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf format unless otherwise noted.

  1. CESCL Training Introduction | Powerpoint version
  2. Regulations and Permits | Powerpoint version
  3. Erosion and Sediment Processes | Powerpoint version
  4. Factors Affecting Erosion | Powerpoint version
  5. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Basics | Powerpoint version
  6. SWPPP Elements 1-5 | Powerpoint version
  7. SWPPP Elements 6-8 | Powerpoint version
  8. SWPPP Elements 9-12 | Powerpoint version
  9. SWPPP Element 13 | Powerpoint version
  10. Inspection, Monitoring, Reporting and Recordkeeping  | Powerpoint version
  11. Managing Construction Stormwater in the Washington (external link, NW Environmental Business Council)
  12. Appendix D Surface Water Design Manual: Erosion and Sediment Control Standards
  13. Construction Stormwater General Permit (Ecology)
  14. How to Meet Ecology's Construction Stormwater General Permit Requirements: A Guide for Construction Sites (Ecology)
  15. Notice of Intent (NOI) application Form for Construction Stormwater General Permit (Ecology)
  16. Notice of Termination Form for Construction Stormwater General Permit (Ecology)
  17. Transfer of Coverage Construction Stormwater General Permit (Ecology)
  18. Volume II, Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington (Ecology)

Additional Resources:

  1. Culvert Fish Passage Construction Guidelines
  2. NRCS Web soil survey
  3. Western Regional Climate Center
  4. Caltrans Erosion control Toolbox

For more information about Certified Erosion Sediment Control Lead training, please contact Eric Bosserman, engineer, King County Stormwater Services Section.