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Report Cover: Model Low Impact Development Strategy for Big Box Retail Stores

Model Low Impact Development Strategies for Big Box Retail Stores describes low impact development (LID) methods for designing stormwater systems for "big box" retail stores. LID is a more natural approach to land development and stormwater management that uses a site's natural features, and applies best management practices to mimic natural hydrologic patterns thereby limiting stormwater runoff and pollution sources. This study, funded in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrates that development choices that protect the environment are compatible with business operations.

This report focuses specifically on retail development but its information is also relevant to other large developments traditionally surrounded by large parking lots, such as schools and industrial parks.

Model Low Impact Development Strategies for Big Box Retail Stores is provided in Adobe Acrobat format for compatibility with a wide variety of browsers and computer systems. For help with Acrobat, please see our Adobe Acrobat help page.

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