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Volunteer lake monitors are an invaluable asset to the Lake Stewardship Program- their efforts result in vast amounts of data for King County Lakes that otherwise wouldn’t be collected.  We are always looking for new volunteers to serve as monitors and back-up monitors.  If you are interested, please contact us!  Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.  

2018 Lake Stewardship Sample Schedule
20-May-2018 Profile
19-August-2018 Profile


Volunteer training workshop

The 2018 Lake Stewardship training workshop was held at the Beaver Lake Lodge in Sammamish (25201 SE 24th St, Sammamish, WA 98075 ).  Volunteers, friends, and family learned about the program, went over some sampling tips, reviewed last year's data, and learned about harmful algal blooms. The training workshop is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some tasty snacks and get to know other lake enthusiasts throughout King County.

Presentations from the 2018 Lake Stewardship training workshop:

Lake Stewardship Volunteer Guide

The Lake Stewardship Volunteer Guide describes the program and monitoring procedures in detail.  If you are a volunteer monitor, please review this guide carefully before you begin monitoring and refer back to it as often as necessary.

Lake Stewardship Program staff

If you have any questions or need replacement equipment, please contact the Lake Stewardship Program staff:

Chris Knutson206-477-4739

Rachael Gravon 206-477-4845

For questions about lakes in King County, please contact Rachael Gravon, Water Quality Planner or Chris Knutson, Project Manager, Lake Stewardship Program.