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Goals and objectives
King County Flood Control District Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Planning Team for the King County Flood Control District (District) has identified the following goals and objectives for the District’s Hazard Mitigation Plan developed pursuant to the requirements of the federal Disaster Mitigation Act. These goals and objectives will be used to help guide the District’s selections of risk reduction actions identified in the plan.


  1. Protect life and property.
  2. Support emergency services.
  3. Promote public awareness.
  4. Encourage the development and implementation of long-term, cost-effective and environmentally sound mitigation projects.
  5. Leverage partnering opportunities.


  1. Protect and maintain critical facilities, including levees and revetments, within the District.
  2. Improve floodplain conveyance through modification or removal of flood facilities when appropriate.
  3. Utilize best available data to identify the location and potential impacts of natural hazards on people, property and natural environment.
  4. Improve systems that provide warning and emergency communications.
  5. Retrofit, purchase, or relocate structures in high hazard areas including those known to be repetitively damaged within the capabilities of the District.
  6. Coordinate District hazard mitigation efforts, including planning and projects, with other mitigation efforts within the planning area to leverage all potential partnerships.
  7. Inform the public on the risk exposure to natural hazards and ways to increase the public’s capability to prepare, respond, recover and mitigate the impacts of these events.
  8. Increase resilience and the continuity of operations of identified critical facilities within the District.
  9. Support programs within the planning area that are recognized under the federal Community Rating System (external link) program.
  10. Seek mitigation projects that provide the highest degree of natural hazards protection at the least cost.
  11. Seek risk reduction projects that minimize or mitigate their impacts on the environment.
  12. Where feasible, support agricultural preservation within the context of sound floodplain management.

For questions about the Hazard Mitigation Plan, please contact Katy Vanderpool, Project/Program Manager, River and Floodplain Management Section.