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King County Flood Control District Hazard Mitigation Plan

King County Flood Control District Hazard Mitigation Plan (5.1 MB, PDF)

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To help ensure the highest level of protection for those who live in or near a floodplain, the District prepared a comprehensive hazard mitigation plan that identifies potential risks from multiple hazards and develops strategies for reducing those risks. The King County Flood Control District Hazard Mitigation Plan (Plan) was developed in accordance with the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.

By developing and adopting a Hazard Mitigation Plan, the District is eligible for grant funding under the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs. The District is now in a position to better leverage local funding with federal grants, bringing more mitigation money and hazard risk reduction projects to King County. (See Goals and Objectives)

The Plan was developed by a team with the help of a consultant. The team’s meeting agendas and minutes along with the consultant’s scope of work are available for public review. To request more information, please contact Katy Vanderpool.

Legislative background

The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-109) encourages and rewards local and state pre-disaster planning, promotes sustainability and seeks to integrate state and local planning with an overall goal of strengthening statewide hazard mitigation.

The DMA stipulates that to be eligible for post-disaster mitigation assistance afforded under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant programs, local governments must develop and adopt pre-disaster, multi-hazard mitigation plans. This requirement also applies to the pre-disaster program created under the DMA. The act specifies prescriptive planning requirements that plan’s must meet, including a requirement that the plans be updated at least every five years.

A key component of the DMA was the re-defining of local government:

    "Any county, municipality, city, town, township, public authority, school district, special district, intrastate district, council of governments (regardless of whether the council of governments is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under State law), regional or interstate government entity, or agency or instrumentality of a local government; any Indian tribe or authorized tribal organization, or Alaska Native village or organization; and any rural community, unincorporated town or village, or other public entity."

Based on this definition, the King County Flood Control District is a local government impacted by the law. Since mitigation grant funding eligibility is a key component of District function, the District prepared a hazard mitigation plan to seek compliance under the DMA.

For questions about the Hazard Mitigation Plan, please contact Katy Vanderpool, Project/Program Manager, River and Floodplain Management Section.