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The Sediment Management Plan contains remedial strategies for correcting hazards caused by contaminated sediments near the seven King County CSO sites. The plan also addresses ways to evaluate and rank other areas of contamination that may be identified in the future.

Sediment Management Plan 
Task 1400 Technical Memorandum, June 1999

This document identifies and evaluates programmatic long-range remediation alternatives for consideration at seven identified sediment cleanup sites near King County combined sewer overflow (CSO) outfalls. By completing this planning-level evaluation, King County is not claiming responsibility either in full or in part for the existing sediment contamination. Rather, this information can be used by King County and other parties to evaluate the range of cleanup options available for specific sites within Elliott Bay and the Duwamish River.

The information presented here for each site was initially developed as a series of technical memoranda that evaluated:

  • screening level recontamination modeling (Task 900);
  • evaluation of sediment remediation technologies (Task 1000);
  • review and development of sediment site prioritization (Task 1100);
  • analysis of programmatic sediment remediation alternatives and strategies (Task 1200);
  • and identification of cooperative project and funding opportunities associated with the sediment cleanup sites (Task 1300).

The information contained within the various technical memoranda, including several additional work products prepared by King County, have been assembled into this Sediment Management Plan (SMP).

Sediment Impact and Recovery Zone Models Review and Development 
Task 900 Technical Memorandum, May 1999

Preliminary Review of Sediment Remediation Alternatives 
Task 1000, January 1999

Sediment Prioritization Criteria Technical Memorandum 
Task 1100, January 1999

Sediment Remediation Alternative Evaluation 
Task 1200 Technical Memorandum, February 1999

Cooperative/Demonstration Project Opportunities 
Task 1300 Technical Memorandum, April 1999

Review of Federal and State Laws, Regulation and Standards 
King County Task 2 Technical Memorandum, December 1998

Literature and Project Review 
King County Task 3 Technical Memorandum, May 1999

Review/Analysis of Previous/Current/Future Actions & Coordination with Related Projects 
King County Task 4 Technical Memorandum, December 1998

CSO Sampling and Monitoring Data Inventory 
King County Task 5 Technical Memorandum, August 4, 1998

Identification of Nearby Contaminated Sites 
King County Task 6 Technical Memorandum, Dec. 1, 1998