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Sample of King County recycled water
Recycled water from Brightwater

The King County Recycled Water Program produces a reliable and sustainable supply of crystal-clear and odor-free water. We call it “the right water for the right use” because it is the perfect water for landscape and crop irrigation, industrial processes and wetland enhancement. It is engineered for safety and reliability, making its quality more predictable than many existing surface and groundwater sources. Water recycling has many benefits.

In short, by tapping into this valuable resource King County provides customers with supply of high-quality water that can help them conserve drinking water for the community and surface water for fish. With the nutrients that occur naturally in recycled water, its use both enriches soil and protects waterways.

King County has been reliably protecting public health and water quality for almost 50 years. Like all utilities, sewer utilities must do much more than just treat and/or dispose of waste. To build sustainable communities, we conserve and recycle valuable resources like those present in wastewater.

Recycled water - also known as reclaimed water - is strictly regulated by Washington State. We closely monitor and rigorously test the crystal-clear and odor-free recycled water before delivering it to our customers to ensure it meets or exceeds strict standards for quality and safety.

When we recycle water, we use advanced filtration and disinfection to kill bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to people. It is engineered for safety and reliability making its quality more predictable than many existing surface and groundwater sources. As with lake or river water, “Class A” reclaimed water is safe for human contact, but it is not approved for drinking. This means it is safe to use recycled water for industrial processes like heating or cooling, or for watering crops and sports fields.

Recycled water is distributed through a separate set of purple pipes, guaranteeing it will not be mixed up with certified drinking water supplies.

Peace of mind about safety

King County has safely provided recycled water for irrigation for nearly two decades. King County's recycled water is "Class A." That is the highest possible rating for recycled water quality

Save money

Recycled water is typically less expensive that drinking water. Even irrigators who currently use river water can get recycled water from King County in a cost-effective manner that is sensitive to business needs.

Works in existing irrigation systems

With just a few modifications, existing irrigation systems can be ready for recycled water. King County will work with irrigators to determine the most cost-efficient way to meet the requirements.

For more information about the recycled water program, please contact us at: