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All breweries that send their wastewater to the King County sewer system must make sure their wastewater meets local limits for pH and for food waste solids. Here’s why:

  • Wastewater that is too acidic or too alkaline can seriously corrode the sewer system, so the pH must be balanced.
  • Solids capable of settling can restrict or block flow in sewer lines. A company or facility that discharges solids that causes a sewage backup is liable for any damages.

To help breweries meet these limits, King County developed best management practices for brewery wastewater.

In addition, some breweries also need formal authorization to send their wastewater to the sewer.

We know that the industrial waste authorization and application process is complex. Please contact us if you have questions and our staff will be happy to assist you. If you have difficulty viewing or downloading documents, please visit Software Help.

Who needs formal authorization?

Authorization not required Authorization required
(see process below)

Breweries that:

  • Produce less than 3000 barrels of beer per year
  • Send less than 1000 gallons of wastewater to the sewer each day
  • Are not located in the Carnation or Vashon Treatment Plant collection zone.               

Breweries that:

  • Produce 3000 or more barrels of beer per year
  • Send 1000 or more gallons of wastewater to the sewer each day
  • Are located in the Carnation or Vashon Treatment Plant Collection Zone.

How to get formal authorization

  1. Complete the standard Industrial Waste Program Survey .
  2. Include the Delegation of Signatory Authority form if necessary.
  3. Complete the Breweries Supplementary Questionnaire .
  4. Submit forms with required signatures to King County Industrial Waste.

What happens next

  1. King County will review your forms. You may be asked to complete a Standard Industrial Waste Program Wastewater Discharge Permit Application .


Your permit or letter of authorization to discharge wastewater into the sewer system may require self-monitoring. Download the Quarterly Self-Monitoring Report for Breweries: MS Word , Adobe Acrobat .

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