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King County invited reviewers outside of King County to look at our plans, findings and draft documents throughout the process – from initial scoping in 2012 to publication in 2017.

We wanted to make sure the study’s scientific methods and results would be high quality, thorough, and objective – and useful to others working on water quality in the region.

Science and Technical Review Team

A Science and Technical Review Team reviewed every step of the process. The five members are independent technical experts in water quality, environmental science and engineering. They are not affiliated with King County. They met more than 20 times to review the study plans, findings, and draft documents.

See the Review Team’s final report on the study.

Review team members
Name Position Affiliation
Virgil Adderley Principal Engineer Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, (formerly); Thames Tideway Tunnel (currently)
Mike Brett Professor of Environmental Engineering University of Washington
Jay Davis Resource Contaminants Specialist U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ken Schiff Deputy Director Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP)
John Stark Professor of Ecotoxicology and Director Washington State University Puyallup Research & Extension Center

Other participants

King County also hosted more than 30 meetings with elected officials, other leaders, and interested parties. Participants influenced the project from design to the soon-to-be published documents. They commented on:

  • Project scope
  • Science and Technical Review Team membership
  • Tools used to keep people informed and involved in the process
  • Additional studies to fill data gaps
  • Findings and draft technical documents


Project status updates

Faon O'Connor
CSO Control Program