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Programs for Educators Directory
Comprehensive guide to King County programs and resources of interest to educators on topics ranging from cultural diversity to water quality and wildlife.

School programs and field trips

Tree planting youth

King County's Solid Waste Division provides assemblies and classroom workshops on waste prevention and recycling to elementary school students throughout the county. In 2009, more than 32,300 students heard the division's presentations.

  • Education and school assistance - Solid Waste Division
    Waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation are the focus of these programs. Storytelling sessions, an assembly show, classroom workshops, teaching materials, and assistance in forming Green Teams are among the offerings. Programs range from preschool through high school.
  • King County Green Schools Program
    Provides assistance tailored to each K-12 school and district, includes recycling containers, signage, and recognition for excellence. As of June 2017, the Green Schools Program served more than 250 K-12 schools, over half in King County outside the City of Seattle.

Household Hazardous Waste resources for schools 
Find classroom lesson plans, teacher workshops, field trips and information about how to handle chemicals commonly found in schools.

Wastewater education
Treatment plant tours, speakers bureau, school tours, Wheels to Water Program, Brightwater Center and other wastewater treatment goodies for schools.

Noxious weed resources for schools
Learn about presentations and other programs for teachers and students customized to curriculum needs.

students recycling milk containers

School credit program
School districts in unincorporated King County may qualify for a waiver of their SWM fees based on their teaching of surface water-related curriculum. Applications are sent to each school district in the late summer and are due by November 1st. School District properties which are served by a stormwater flow control or water quality facility must correct any maintenance deficiencies identified by King County before that property is allowed the discount. Please call Wes Chin to find out more.

Internships and career programs

Wastewater Treatment Division internships and career exploration
Learn about high school summer internships, college summer and year-round internships and career fairs and other events.

Educator training

ArcGIS Online for Educators
Learn how to create and share interactive web maps to teach students for school projects.

Educational resources

Parcel viewer or iMAP
Interactive maps of King County useful for looking up information about specific parcels or for viewing and researching layers of geographic features such as historical photos.

SciFYI Newsletter, by Water and Land Resources Division Science Section
Quarterly newsletter promotes the use and understanding of our scientific data and information, and to share knowledge about the value and benefits of Environmental Sciences.

Introduction to stormwater in King County
Learn about the science of stormwater, common problems related to stormwater including causes and solutions, homeowner tips, regulations, and how to get help from King County.

learning the importance of composting

Resources for teaching about surface water issues
Curricula, resources, and local agencies related to water.

The Groundwater Story
Musical animation conveys the importance of groundwater to living things -- including people -- and how everyone can help protect this hidden resource.

Native plant salvage program
The plant salvage program is a wonderful opportunity for middle school and older students to learn about native plants, protect water resources and get their hands dirty! We can accommodate students on Saturday fall, winter and spring salvage events or arrange work at the plant holding facility in Issaquah (at Duthie Hill Park) during weekdays. If you have questions about the program or would like to participate, please contact Cindy Young.

Environmental quizzes

  • Take the EQ* quiz 
    Assess your personal *Environmental Quotient and see how it compares to your neighbors.
  • Family Fun Quiz
    Take the green challenge, see how well you score on 8 questions and win an eco-friendly prize.

Homework help for students

teacher with adult learners

Introduction to our local environment

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