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WaterWorks is now using an on-line system to manage grants. Start with creating an account for your organization. Preview the Letter of Intent (LOI) form before starting.

Apply Now
  1. Click "Apply Now".
  2. Click "Create an Account".
  3. Answer all the required fields before moving forward.
  4. Click "next" to continue to the user information page; answer all required fields.
  5. Click "next" to answer questions regarding other contacts at your organization.
  6. Create a password and click "create account".
  7. The registration process will ask you to check your email inbox for a confirmation. Follow the on-screen instructions and click 'continue' to finish the registration.
  • NOTE: this is an account you will use for both current and future applications with WaterWorks
  1. To begin working on the application, click the blue "apply" button.
  2. Fill out the fields and questions on the application form. 
  3. Once you have completed all required questions, scroll to the bottom and click "save" or "submit" your application.

    After you have submitted or saved your application, you can return to your applicant dashboard by clicking the link in the navigation menu.

    This will give you a look at all the applications you have submitted or saved.

  • NOTE: saving allows you to continue working on and improving your application at a later date. Submitting will send your completed application to the grant administrator for review and you cannot make further edits. 
  1. Click your name on the top right. This will expand a drop down menu.
  2. Click "edit my profile". You will be able to update your account information and change your password.
  3. Be sure to click "save" on the bottom right once you have finished.
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