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2017 Rating Yellow
2016 Rating Green Performance Key

About this measure: This measure considers the success of King County Parks Division's efforts to expand public recreation opportunities using community-based partnerships. The Community Partnerships and Grants (CPG) Program is the primary tool that Parks uses to develop these partnerships. This measure includes the number of public users benefiting from new community-based public recreation development projects and the amount of additional community investment leveraged for construction, operations, and programming.

Structured Recreational Users: This measures the number of users benefiting from new or improved structured recreational opportunities (through leagues and other organizations) provided by community-based partners:

2017 Target: 59,750

2017 Actual: 59,700

2018 Target: 59,750

The 2017 Target is slightly missed because projects to improve structured recreational opportunities are still underway.

The number of structured users in 2018 is anticipated to increase slightly as a result of partnerships, including a partnership with Tiny Trees Preschool to open new outdoor preschools in Big Finn Hill Park and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.. King County Parks is planning and developing recreation projects which will result in a larger increase of structured users between 2019 and 2020.

Graph chart showing Structured Recreational Users
Graph chart showing Non-Structured Recreational Users
Graph chart showing Community Partnerships and Grants Partner Financial Match

Non-Structured Recreational Users: This measure the number of users benefiting from new or improved non-structured (individual) recreational opportunities provided by community-based partners:

2017 Target: 120,000

2017 Actual: 116,000

2018 Target: 121,000

In 2017, in partnership with the Vashon Mountain Bike Association, King County Parks opened Dockton Forest mountain bike area on Vashon Island. Due to an early snowfall last year, the Alpine Baldy Project will open in 2018. Parks anticipates continued growth in unstructured users as our partners undertake improvements during 2018 at Five Mile Lake, Duthie Hill, Black Diamond Open Space, and on Vashon Island.

Community Partnerships and Grants (CPG) Partner Financial Match: Annual financial match leveraged through community-based partners:

2017 Target: $11 million

2017 Actual: $511,000

2018 Target: $730,000

Financial contributions were modest in 2017 as most new projects continue to be in development for large capital fundraising campaigns and construction projects in 2018 through 2020. Contributors include Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Vashon Mountain Bike Association, Mountains to Sound Greenway, and the Washington Trails Association.

The 2018 target includes a significant contribution from the Tennis Outreach Programs (TOPs) for an indoor tennis project, in addition to contributions from Vashon Maury Island Land Trust, Ravensdale Park Foundation, Eastside Football Club, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Mountains to Sound Greenway, and the Washington Trails Association.

Influencing factors: Community-based partnerships succeed if the community organization is well organized, has good leadership, and a strong commitment to the project/facility/site. The availability of resources from the groups, availability of land for recreation development, and partnerships with neighboring jurisdictions or permitting agencies can influence the timing of project completion.

Strategy going forward: The Division will continue to make strategic investments via the CPG Program. The 2014-2019 Parks, Trails, and Open Space Replacement Levy continues funding for the CPG program, as well as providing additional staffing to work with partners and the community to develop, plan, design and implement these projects.

Structured recreational opportunities defined as public users participating in or uses of programmed, scheduled recreation activities (teams, games, competitions, instructional programs, events, etc.) Includes spectators of events.

Un-structured recreational opportunities defined as public users participating in or uses of unprogrammed, individual activities (everyday use, individual, backcountry recreation, etc.)

Financial match includes the value of cash, professional services, and volunteers for both construction (measured 1 time when new facility is completed) and annual operations/programming (measured annually for operations and programming).

This measure is not accumulative. It only represents the amount of match for that year. This measure is computed when a community-based partnership facility is completed and operational. Most new CPG projects are still in planning, permitting, or under construction.

**Very large legacy partnerships including Lake Washington Youth Soccer (7500 structured users), Serve Our Dog Area (hundreds of thousands of unstructured users), etc. are not included in this measurement. Only partnerships developed since the Community Partnership and Grants (CPG) Program was developed are included.