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King County conducts periodic assessments of our carbon footprint by looking at the levels at which we – as both King County government and our greater community - release greenhouse gases (GHG), namely carbon dioxide and methane.

In King County, the top two sources of GHGs are:

  • Fossil fuels used for transportation
  • Energy used to heat, cool, and power our homes and buildings

Although the GHG emissions from King County’s operations as a government entity are small when compared with community-wide, national and global levels, the County is committed to reducing our own footprint to model best practices and demonstrate that climate solutions have broad benefits to human health, the economy and our environment.

2015 Update: GHG Emissions in King County

2010 Update

2008 GHG Emissions in King County (Published Feb 2012)
*In this inventory, in addition to emissions from things like transportation and energy use, King County pioneered a new methodology that estimated emissions associated with the consumption of goods and services within King County, no matter where they originated.

2003 Inventory of King County Air Emissions (Published Dec 2004) - 434 Kb PDF

2000 Inventory of King County Air Emissions (Published May 2002) - 3 Mb PDF