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Middle Boise CreekThe Middle Boise Creek Van Wieringen Stream Restoration Project is designed to increase the channel capacity and complexity in a reach of Boise Creek to create rearing and refuge habitat for Chinook and coho salmon and steelhead. Historically, Boise Creek was straightened and channelized through the project area, and streamside vegetation was removed. These actions limited habitat opportunities for young salmon. The proposed restoration project is consistent with the 2012 Puyallup Watershed (WRIA 10) Salmon Habitat Protection and Restoration Strategy. The project is intended to be built in the summer of 2018.

Project location

The project is located in a conservation easement on private property within the Enumclaw Agricultural Production District (APD) in unincorporated King County. The below map shows locations of several Middle Boise Creek Projects. (Click image to open as a PDF,  1.2MB).

Aerial image of Middle Boise Creek area projects 

Project benefits

  • Increase the amount and availability of salmon habitat by widening the stream channel.
  • Improve aquatic habitat for salmon by adding wood and gravel.
  • Improve shade, support the aquatic food web, and protect water quality by planting native trees and shrubs.
  • Build upon other restoration projects completed in Boise Creek in recent years.

Project timeline

Benchmark Date
Acquisition and resident relocation
Planning and preliminary design
Final design
April 2018
Construction Summer 2018

Project funding sources

  • King County Water and Land Resources Division
  • Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board Grant
  • King County Flood Control District Cooperative Watershed Management Grant
  • King County Conservation Futures Tax

Project documents

For more information about the The Middle Boise Creek Van Wieringen Stream Restoration Project, please contact Sarah McCarthy, Project Manager, King County Ecological Restoration and Engineering Services.