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Small Habitat Restoration Program 
Inexpensive but valuable projects that enhance aquatic ecosystems across King County.  We take project suggestions.

Restoration project videos (external link)
Underwater video footage of salmon and steelhead at King County restoration project sites.


Middle Boise Creek Van Wieringen Restoration Project
Designed to increase the channel capacity and complexity to create rearing and refuge habitat for Chinook and coho salmon and steelhead

Maury Island Aquatic Reserve Armoring Removal Project
Acquisition and restoration of 14.4 acres and 1,000 feet of marine shoreline bordering the Maury Island Aquatic Reserve.

Porter Levee Setback and Floodplain Restoration Project
Habitat restoration project on the Green River designed to benefit Chinook salmon and steelhead, which are both listed as “Threatened” under the federal Endangered Species Act.

Cedar River Riverbend Project
Long-term levee setback project to protect public safety and restore salmon habitat.

Maury Island Natural Area Fill Removal Project
Project to remove a large concrete pier from the beach to improve beach spawning habitat for fish.

Harris Creek Fish Passage Project
Improved fish passage on a tributary to the Snoqualmie River, to open access to anadromous fish to spawn in the upper reaches of the creek.

Cove Creek Habitat Restoration Project
Restoration of a creek on Vashon/Maury Island

Big Spring Creek Restoration Project
Restoration of a Green River tributary creek and wetland near Enumclaw to improve habitat for endangered salmon.

Upper Carlson Floodplain Restoration Project
Levee removal project on the Snoqualmie River near Fall City, to allow greater flood storage and improved aquatic habitat to benefit threatened salmon and trout species.

Kokanee and chinook restoration projects in the Sammamish Watershed
List of projects scoped for fast-action and to benefit kokanee and chinook salmon populations in Lake Sammamish tributaries (2011).

Dockton Shoreline Restoration Project
Project to restore shoreline and a salt marsh at Dockton, WA on Vashon/Maury Island.  Includes Determination of Non-Significance under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

McElhoe-Pearson Habitat Restoration Project
Project is planned for summer 2012, restoring the Snoqualmie River channel and reconnecting a high quality wetland to provide off-channel rearing and flood refuge habitat for juvenile salmon.

Middle Boise Creek Restoration Project
Overview of a project to widen a creek, plant native riparian trees, install wood and restore an associated wetland to improve habitat near Enumclaw.

Lower Boise Creek Habitat Restoration Project
Overview of a project to remove contamination and restore a creek to create salmon spawning habitat near Enumclaw.

Lower Bear Creek Natural Area Habitat Enhancement Project
Determination of Non-Significance under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Lower Duwamish sediment cleanup
Current news, announcements and documents about a superfund project to clean up the Duwamish River.

Tolt River floodplain restoration project
Overview of a levee setback project that will improve salmon habitat and increase flood storage at Tolt MacDonald Park on the lower Tolt River near Carnation, Washington.

Sammamish River Willowmoor Reach restoration project
Project to restore habitat on the in Marymoor Park, reconfiguring 1,400 feet of the upper Sammamish River to improve and expand the habitat available for fish and wildlife -- while maintaining current flood protection on the river and along the Lake Sammamish shoreline. Includes a timeline and contact information.

Gold Creek fish habitat restoration project
Replacing an impassable metal culvert with a large box culvert, natural gravel streambed and a series of stepped pools enables chinook and coho salmon to swim into this Sammamish River tributary near Woodinville.

Cedar River wetland 79 fish and wildlife enhancement project
A capital improvement project to improve fish and wildlife habitat in a wetland near Maple Valley, Washington.