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The CSA Program promotes robust public engagement that informs, involves, and empowers people and communities by:

  1. Expanding outreach and communication to a wide range of community organizations in unincorporated King County;
  2. Creating improved online information with a website that includes County contact information, a calendar of County meetings, and information on each CSA, including CSA work plans;
  3. Identifying a primary point of contact that will function as a liaison, ombudsman and information clearinghouse for residents of each CSA;
  4. Providing CSA Work Plans that lay out the County’s goals for the CSA, services and projects in the CSA and issues identified by CSA residents;
  5. Holding CSA-wide meetings to introduce the CSA work plans, provide residents opportunities to meet with County leadership and to address needs and issues within the CSA as necessary; and
  6. Providing community resources through the CSA Grant Program that will provide matching funds to community initiated projects by an annual grant application process for community organizations.


In 2010, the King County Council sought a new approach for engaging with residents in unincorporated areas. Executive Constantine proposed creating a “robust public engagement program that informs, involves and empowers people and communities” throughout the unincorporated areas. With guidance from the County’s strategic plan, the County has established a new framework for public engagement in unincorporated areas and created seven Community Service Areas to represent all unincorporated residents and communities.

Guidance from the King County Strategic Plan


Promote robust public engagement that informs, involves, and empowers people and communities

  • Expand opportunities to seek input, listen, and respond to residents,
  • Empower people to play an active role in shaping their future, and
  • Improve public awareness of what King County does.

Next steps:

  • Meet with community organizations and area residents throughout the seven Community Service Areas.
  • Facilitate communication between King County departments and King County residents and provide assistance troubleshooting community problems as they arise.
  • Inform County leadership of key issues of interest and concern to area residents.
  • Develop a community resource profile of each Community Service Area.

For more information, please contact Alan Painter, Manager, Community Service Areas (CSAs).