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Adrienne Wat, Interim Director

Since joining OLEO in 2017, Adrienne has served as a subject matter expert and functional lead in the areas of policy analysis, complaint monitoring and certification review, systemic reviews – including officer involved shootings, and improving access to information and agency-to-agency relations. 

Adrienne heads the development of OLEO’s internal practices and procedures and provides strategic vision and leadership for the development and implementation of OLEO’s oversight work and organizational planning, collective bargaining activities, and stakeholder and council engagement.
Her interest in oversight stems from her ardent desire to advance positive systemic reforms to police practices – many of which she observed as a public defense attorney – and dedication to addressing structural and systemic issues impacting marginalized and low-income communities. In her role, Adrienne works to align OLEO’s programs, projects, and activities to the One King County Strategic Plan and ensure the office contributes to advancing goals outlined in the County’s Equity and Social Justice plan.

Adrienne is an attorney, and her experience includes work as public defender, a judicial clerk at the Washington State Supreme Court, and as a Fellow at the Korematsu Center for Law and Equality. She grew up in Hawaii and earned her degrees from Seattle University School of Law and the University of Washington.

The Director provides overall management, strategic direction, and functional leadership for OLEO and its staff. As a steward of the public’s interest to improve policies, practices, and procedures both with OLEO and with the Sheriff’s Office, the Director also manages communications, enables engagement, and directs the development of policies, practices, and recommendations that continuously improve the Sheriff’s Office operations and advance OLEO’s professional practices. In addition, the Director works to expand OLEO’s capacity for oversight by improving codes, advocating for OLEO’s authority during collective bargaining, and establishing cooperative relationships with the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Director

Adrienne Wat, OLEO’s Deputy Director, has been selected by the King County Council to serve as Interim Director of OLEO while a national search for a new permanent director is conducted.

The Deputy Director provides functional leadership for OLEO staff and provides expert analysis of police policies and practices to enable OLEO to fulfill its duties and address compliance issues with OLEO’s authority. Additionally, OLEO’s Deputy Director provides strategic direction during collective bargaining, manages OLEO access to Sheriff’s Office information, and ensures the standards and practices of OLEO’s Certification Program and active monitoring of OLEO recommendations.

Josh Saunders, Investigations Monitor

Josh Saunders comes to OLEO from a career as a public defender, most recently as the Managing Attorney of the ACA Division of the Department of Public Defense. Prior to that, he spent a decade as a public defender in Brooklyn and the Bronx. He also co-founded the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, an innovative nonprofit that prevents unnecessary pretrial detention by paying bail for low-income defendants. He received a J.D. from New York University in 2006 and an M.A. from the University of Texas in 2000. Josh grew up in Wisconsin and is a graduate of Macalester College
The Investigations Monitor provides programmatic, investigative, and quality assurance leadership within OLEO and the Sheriff’s Office Internal Investigations Unit related OLEO’s complaint monitoring and Certification Program. The Investigations Monitor provides expertise and advice that improves the quality of investigations related to allegations of misconduct by Sheriff’s Office personnel, reviews findings, and determines if the investigation was objective, thorough, and timely.

Jenna Franklin, Community Engagement Manager

Jenna leads OLEO’s community engagement and public participation activities and has collaborated with King County residents for almost twenty years to design public services, improve community well-being, and advance equity and inclusion in civic process and decision-making. Jenna is a graduate of Scripps College, and has worked in public affairs, strategic communications and social responsibility, and community engagement for King County Metro, Sound Transit, the City of Seattle, and The University of Washington.
The Community Engagement Manager leads efforts to expand awareness and increase community input that informs and shapes OLEO’s work and recommendations. OLEO’s engagement seeks to advance equity and social justice, build and develop trusting relationships with the community members and stakeholder organizations, and provide inclusive and meaningful ways for all people served by the Sheriff’s Office to influence decisions that impact them. OLEO’s Engagement Manager solicits input to learn about community experiences with law enforcement to better understand and address concerns, manages the Community Advisory Committee, and facilitates activities focused community building and on improving understanding between members of the public and King County leaders.

Senior Policy Analyst

OLEO’s Senior Policy Analyst provides subject matter expertise and strategic leadership regarding analytical methodology and develops recommendations that drive continuous improvement in policy and practices through research and data-driven analysis, and compliance monitoring. The Senior Policy Analyst also leads systemic reviews that bring a broad range of issues and concerns into focus and help make resulting OLEO recommendations for improvement to Sheriff’s Office operations actionable.

Policy Analyst

The Policy Analyst conducts reviews of internal investigations and complaint classifications in support of the certification program and conducts analysis of practices relating to police use of force. This work enables OLEO to provide effective and timely review of community concerns and critical or use of force incidents and investigations. In addition, the Policy Analyst identifies issues and patterns within the complaint system that lead to recommendations for systemic improvements.

Office Manager

The Office Manager provides administrative support for all staff, and develops operational best practices, tools, and standards that ensure accurate data-keeping and management of records. Additionally, the Office Manager leads daily coordination of business support services, supports contracting and procurement, and serves as liaison with other departments and the public to ensure efficiency across OLEO teams to help achieve work priorities.