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The King County Accountable Community of Health (ACH) is an emerging regional partnership committed to working in new ways to improve the health and well-being of King County residents. At the heart of the King County ACH is an understanding that many factors affect our health:

  • Social and economic factors
  • The physical environment where we live
  • The quality and availability of health care and social services
  • The choices we have access to and make as individuals

Because of this, everyone has a role to play in helping "move the needle" on better health and assuring that no one is left behind. We're one of nine developing ACHs that together cover the entire State of Washington and who are partnering with the Healthier Washington initiative which seeks to transform health and health care.
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How we work

On March 7, 2017 the Interim Leadership Council had its final meeting and approved a slate of candidates to comprise the newly seated Governing Board, which will take on the responsibilities stewarding the ACH’s overall mission, strategic plan, and progress. The Board is in the process of determining a permanent committee structure going forward. Meanwhile, several committees will remain active in support of the work of the King County ACH. Learn more about the governing board and committees.


Breaking down silos and working across sectors are key to the ACH. The ACH Governing Board and its work groups include representation from:

  • Social services and supports
  • Housing and community development
  • Networks focused on eliminating health disparities and inequities
  • Hospital and clinical care system
  • Community health centers
  • Mental health and substance abuse providers
  • Public health
  • Medicaid managed care organizations
  • Tribes
  • City and county governments
  • Long-term supports and services
  • Higher education
  • Criminal justice system and correctional health
  • Philanthropy
  • Information technology


The King County ACH Interim Leadership Council has been active since May 2015, when it formed out of an earlier group working on the 2013 King County Health and Human Services Transformation Plan. The plan called for a more integrated and person-centered system of care, for rewarding value over volume, for partnering with communities in new ways to address the social determinants of health, and for eliminating health inequities. It also recognized the near-term opportunity to partner closely with Washington State's Healthier Washington initiative in this work due.

In 2014, Healthier Washington formed the statewide ACH initiative and provided regions across the state with $50,000 planning grants. In King County, stakeholders saw strong synergy between the goals of the Transformation Plan and the Healthier Washington plan. They decided to form an ACH Interim Leadership Council that was built upon the earlier transformation plan groups.

Materials from the 2014 planning phase include:

In January 2015, King County was selected by the Washington Health Care Authority as the successful applicant for a $100,000 "design community" grant for the King County Regional Service Area. A copy of King County's application is available for review: Download the application (PDF). The purpose of the Design Community Grants was to allow regions to build on the ACH planning efforts that occurred in 2014.

On November 18, 2015 the Washington State Health Care Authority announced the designation of King County as an Accountable Community of Health. This designation resulted from the ACH readiness proposal submitted by the King County ACH Interim Leadership Council. The proposal was in response to the request issued by the Health Care Authority on June 15, 2015.

On March 7, 2017, the Interim Leadership Council had its final meeting and approved a slate of candidates to comprise the newly seated Governing Board, which will take on the responsibilities stewarding the ACH's overall mission, strategic plan, and progress. As part of this transition, two committees that supported the work of the ACH (Physical and Behavioral Integration Design Committee and Regional Health Improvement Plan Work Group) concluded their work in December, 2016. The new board will build on great progress of the Interim Leadership Council and will work to develop a permanent committee structure going forward.

Role of King County government

King County government, which staffed the Transformation Plan, continues to staff the ACH development work. Staff from Public Health-Seattle & King County support meeting convening, managing state grant funds, and support communication.