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King County Civil Rights (KCCR) is at Suite 800 in King County's Chinook Building, 401 Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle, between Jefferson Street and Terrace Street. The main entrance is on Fifth Avenue, across from Goat Hill Garage. The 8th floor of Chinook is a secure floor and can only be reached by checking in with the lobby desk on the 1st floor.

The building can be accessed via tunnel from the Goat Hill Garage concourse on the southeast corner of Fifth and Jefferson. An elevator can take you down to the tunnel where it crosses under Fifth Avenue to the Chinook Building. This tunnel can be accessed during office hours by both employees and the public.

Driving Directions

From the south, take I-5 north. Take exit 164A (Dearborn/James/Madison), follow the ramp north, then turn left on James Street. Turn left on Fifth Avenue and go one block south to Jefferson Street.

From the north, take I-5 south. Take exit 165A (James Street). Continue onto Sixth Avenue, then turn right on James Street. Turn left at Fifth Avenue and go one block south to Jefferson Street.

Parking and Visitor Information for People with Disabilities

There are two entrances to the Goat Hill Garage. The primary entrance is via an alley on Jefferson Street, mid-block between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. After turning south into the access road, proceed to the end of the driveway to enter at the gate. The other entrance is at Sixth Avenue, just south of Jefferson, on the east side of the garage. Clearance for both entrances is 80 inches (6' 8").

Standard and compact parking spaces are located on all floors.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are located near the elevators on:

  • P2: One space
  • P3: One space
  • P5: Three spaces
  • P6-7: Two spaces on each floor
  • P8: Four spaces

To access disability parking for a van with lift, use the alley off Jefferson Street. After turning south into the alley, there are three van accessible spaces on the left, before the gated standard vehicle entry further south. Clearance for these spaces is 98 inches (8' 2").

If you have monthly parking, you may leave the garage at either the Sixth Avenue (P8) or Jefferson alley exits (P3) during daytime hours. All other drivers must exit the Jefferson exit on P3.

Visiting the Administration Building or Courthouse

Exit the garage using the pedestrian concourse, head north on the sidewalk across Jefferson, then either cross Fifth Avenue there, or go farther north and use the crosswalk at James Street.

The Fifth Avenue entrance to the Administration Building has an automatic door at the north end of the entrance. When you enter the building from Fifth Avenue, use the stairs or wheelchair lift to get to the fourth floor elevator lobby.

Instructions for use of the lift in the Administration Building are located at the top and bottom of the stairs, as well as on the lift itself.

To get to the Courthouse, take the Administration Building elevator down from the fourth floor to Level T (tunnel). Go west through the tunnel under Fourth Avenue from the Administration Building to the Courthouse.

TTY Access

  • King County Courthouse: Information Desk, second floor (Third Avenue level)
  • King County Administration Building: Tunnel level, just south of the elevators


TTY Relay 711

Fax 206-296-4329