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Train derails in Seattle.

Every day, trains and barges carrying coal and oil come through the heart of our communities, cross rivers and aquifers, and hug shorelines of major rivers and coasts.

Local communities and tribes bear much of the risks and costs to public safety, health, environment, traffic, and natural resources, but we have very little control as individual governments.

By working together, we can have greater influence on decisions by federal and state governments. By sharing information on impacts, coordinating media outreach, and developing joint letters and resolutions, we can help communities large and small make their voices heard.

Flammable train cars.

The coal and oil transport industry negatively impacts our environment and economy. Coal dust fumes pollute the air, while derailing trains burn down property, cause home and school evacuations, and force interstate shutdowns.

Even the movement of coal itself congests railroad traffic via mile-and-a-half long trains, which also delays the transport of agricultural and manufactured goods.

SELA members work against coal and oil export expansion with the aim of minimizing or eliminating these negative effects.

By signing on as a member of SELA, you show support for shared interests, in health and protecting public safety, economy, environmental, and treaty rights, and cultural resources threatened by coal and oil transport and export.

You will receive regular updates, invites to quarterly meetings, and have opportunities to join other SELA members for sign on letter.

There are no dues.

Sign-on letters are optional.

If you are interesting in joining the fight to protect our region and would like to confirm your commitment to this issue, please contact Calli McDermott, External Relations Specialist for the Office of King County Executive Dow Constantine.


Phone: 206-477-6927.


British Columbia

  • Alicia Holman, Councillor, Central Saanich 
  • Jeannie Kanakos, Councillor, Delta 
  • Rudy Storteboom, Councillor, Langley
  • Jonathan Cote, Mayor, New Westminster
  • Patrick Johnstone, Councillor, New Westminster
  • Chuck Puchmayr, Councillor, New Westminster
  • Laura Dupont, Councillor, Port Coquitlam
  • CaroleAnn Leishman, Councillor, Powell River
  • Harold Steves, Councillor, Richmond
  • Andrea Reimer, Councillor, Vancouver
  • Gregor Robertson, Mayor, Vancouver
  • Jeremy Loveday, Councillor, Victoria
  • Wayne Baldwin, Mayor, White Rock
  • Grant Meyer, Councillor, White Rock


  • Linda Maio, Councilmember, Berkeley


  • Shleby Rognstad, Mayor, Sandpoint 
  • Shannon Williamson, Councilmember, Sandpoint


  • Margie MacDonald, Representative, Billings
  • Mary Ann Dunwell, Representative, Helena
  • Robert Farris-Olsen, Commissioner, Helena
  • Bryce Bennett, Representative, Missoula
  • Sue Malek, Senator, Missoula
  • Tom Steenberg, Senator, Missoula
  • Bryan Von Lossberg, Councilmember, Missoula


  • Denny Doyle, Mayor, Beaverton
  • Floyd Prozanski, Senator, Eugene
  • Betty Taylor, Councilor, Eugene
  • Paul Blackburn, Mayor, Hood River
  • Peter Cornelison, Councilor, Hood River
  • Kate McBride, Council President, Hood River
  • Carlotta Collette, Councilor, Metro
  • Bob Stacey, Councilor, Metro
  • Shane Amba, Councilor, Milwaukie
  • Mark Gamba, Mayor, Milwaukie
  • Lisa Batey, Councilor, Milwaukie
  • Karin Power, Representative, Milwaukie
  • Kathleen Taylor, Senator, Milwaukie
  • Arlene Burns, Mayor, Mosier
  • Emily Reed, Council President, Mosier
  • Jessica Vega Pederson, Commissioner, Multnomah County
  • Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, Portland
  • Alissa Keny-Guyer, Representative, Portland
  • Barbara Smith Warner, Representative, Portland
  • Steve Massey, Councilor, Rainier
  • Joel Haugen, Councilor, Scappoose
  • Paulette Lichatowich, Commissioner, Port of St. Helens
  • Stephen Lawrence, Mayor, The Dalles
  • Daniel Spatz, Councilor, The Dalles



  • Alan Richrod, Councilmember, Aberdeen
  • Liz Lovelett, Councilmember, Anacortes
  • Kristine Lytton, Representative, Anacortes
  • Ryan Walters, Councilmember, Anacortes
  • Nancy Backus, Mayor, Auburn
  • Bill Peloza, Councilmember, Auburn
  • Sarah Blossom, Councilmember, Bainbridge Island
  • Kol Medina, Councilmember, Bainbridge Island
  • Christine Rolfes, Senator, Bainbridge Island 
  • Wayne Roth, Councilmember, Bainbridge Island
  • Val Tollefson, Mayor, Bainbridge Island
  • Lynne Robinson, Councilmember, Bellevue
  • Michael Lilliquist, Councilmember, Bellingham
  • Kelli Linville, Mayor, Bellingham
  • Roxanne Murphy, Councilmember, Bellingham
  • Leslie Daugs, Councilmember, Bremerton
  • Dino Davis, Councilmember, Bremerton
  • Nancy Tosta, Councilmember, Burien
  • Don Chaney, Councilmember, Camas
  • John Taves, Councilmember, Cheney
  • Tina Orwall, Representative, Des Moines
  • Dave Earling, Mayor, Edmonds
  • Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Councilmember, Edmonds
  • Kristiana Johnson, Council President, Edmonds
  • Mike Nelson, Councilmember, Edmonds
  • Strom Peterson, Representative, Edmonds
  • Paul Roberts, Councilmember, Everett
  • Brenda Stonecipher, Councilmember, Everett
  • Bill Nelson, Councilmember, Hoquiam
  • John Pellegrini, Councilmember, Hoquiam
  • Fred Butler, Mayor, Issaquah
  • David Baker, Mayor, Kenmore
  • Nigel Herbig, Councilmember, Kenmore
  • Dennis Higgins, Councilmember, Kent
  • Dow Constantine, Executive, King County
  • Jay Julius, Councilmember, Lummi Tribe
  • Jon Nehring, Mayor, Marysville
  • Michael Stevens, Councilmember, Marysville
  • Bruce Bassett, Mayor, Mercer Island
  • Debbie Bertlin, Deputy Mayor, Mercer Island
  • Joe Lindquist, Councilmember, Mount Vernon
  • Bob Champion, Council President, Mukilteo
  • Christine Cook, Councilmember, Mukilteo
  • Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor, Mukilteo
  • Marko Liias, Senator, Mukilteo
  • Randy Lord, Councilmember, Mukilteo
  • Don Stevens, Mayor, North Bonneville
  • Jim Cooper, Councilmember, Olympia
  • Beth Doglio, Representative, Olympia
  • Clark Gilman, Councilmember, Olympia
  • Julie Hankins, Councilmember, Olympia
  • Sam Hunt, Senator, Olympia
  • Nathaniel Jones, Mayor Pro Tem, Olympia
  • Kevin Ranker, Senator, Orcas Island
  • Steve Tharinger, Representative, Port Angeles
  • E.J. Zita, Commissioner, Port of Olympia
  • Fred Felleman, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
  • Sherry Appleton, Representative, Poulsbo
  • John Marchione, Mayor, Redmond
  • Steve Bergquist, Representative, Renton
  • Denis Law, Mayor, Renton
  • Kathleen Huckabay, Councilmember, Sammamish
  • Bob Keller, Councilmember, Sammamish
  • Jeff Morris, Representative, San Juan
  • Mia Gregerson, Representative, SeaTac
  • Sally Bagshaw, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Tim Burgess, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Reuven Carlyle, Senator, Seattle
  • Maralyn Chase, Senator, Seattle
  • Jessyn Farrell, Representative, Seattle
  • Joe Fitzgibbon, Representative, Seattle
  • Lorena Gonzalez, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Lisa Herbold, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Ruth Kagi, Representative, Seattle
  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Councilmember, King County
  • Joe McDermott, Councilmember, King County
  • Debora Juarez, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Rob Johnson, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Ed Murray, Mayor, Seattle
  • Mike O'Brien, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Jamie Pedersen, Senator, Seattle
  • Gerry Pollet, Representative, Seattle
  • Kshama Sawant, Councilmember, Seattle
  • Gael Tarleton, Representative, Seattle
  • Will Hall, Councilmember, Shoreline
  • Doris McConnell, Councilmember, Shoreline
  • Keith McGlashan, Councilmember, Shoreline
  • Chris Roberts, Mayor, Shoreline
  • Cindy Ryu, Representative, Shoreline
  • Jesse Salomon, Councilmember, Shoreline
  • Shari Winstead, Deputy Mayor, Shoreline
  • Karen Guzak, Councilmember, Snohomish
  • Candance Mumm, Councilmember, Spokane
  • Ben Stuckart, Council President, Spokane
  • Amy Weissfeld, Councilmember, Stevenson
  • Nick Hogan, City Administrator, Stevenson
  • Jake Fey, Representative, Tacoma
  • Ryan Mello, Councilmember, Tacoma
  • Robert Thoms, Councilmember, Tacoma
  • John McCoy, Senator, Tulalip
  • Joan Cathey, Councilmember, Tumwater
  • Jack Burkman, Councilmember, Vancouver
  • Bart Hansen, Councilmember, Vancouver
  • Timothy Leavitt, Mayor, Vancouver
  • Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Councilmember, Vancouver
  • Jim Moeller, Representative, Vancouver
  • Alisha Topper, Councilmember, Vancouver
  • Joyce Lindsay, Councilmember, Washougal
  • Bernie Talmas, Mayor, Woodinville
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