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We encourage families to share the ride or to walk or bike together to school. Our SchoolPool program and Safe Routes to School toolkit will give you the tools and resources to find smart, shared travel solutions to get your students to and from school, and after-school activities more efficiently.


Families save money by splitting the driving costs.

Carbon emissions are cut by reducing car traffic around schools.

Walking and biking may improve students’ health and wellness.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

In partnership with cities, school districts and schools, SchoolPool can help you coordinate sharing the trip to and from school, whether by carpool, by foot, or on a bike.

Sign up

Work with your school contact or principal to sign up for SchoolPool on or call Metro Rideshare Services at 206-625-4500.

Find a match

To create a trip, enter your travel preferences and privacy options. Click save and SchoolPool will automatically show your trip matches.

Make contact

To bike, walk or share a ride, call or email your best trip matches.

For more information

Browse to SchoolPool information on You can also call 206-625-4500 to get the help you need.

Safe Routes

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs support families choosing to walk, roll, bike, and carpool to school. SRTS activities help cut traffic congestion and make it easier and more fun for families to share the trip to school. Use King County Metro’s Safe Routes to School toolkit and resources to get started.

Everything you need to develop and carry out your own SRTS program at your school.
Download:  All pages  |  Contents
Coalition-Building Guidebook
Create, implement, and sustain a team of engaged volunteers to lead local SRTS effort.
Download:  All pages
Activity Book
Learn how to be a walking, rolling, busing, and carpooling role model with this fun activity book.
Download:  All pages  |  Contents

Other School Resources

Green Teams

Classrooms or school groups can form a Green Team to conduct environmental projects at school or in the community, such as conducting a Green Team campaign to encourage carpooling. Schools can become King County Greens Schools by committing to increasing levels of environmental actions, beginning with waste reduction and recycling and expanding to other categories, including transportation.

Connect with Rideshare

Local Calls: 206-625-4500
WA Relay: 711
Fax: 206-684-2166

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