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Traveling with other riders to the same area lets you save time, save money on commuting costs, meet new people, enjoy some company on your commute, and helps cut congestion.

More about our carpool program…

How it works

Carpooling has never been easier—just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download a free carpool app* or create an account at
  2. Enter your trip locations and times.
  3. Get matched with neighbors or co-workers going your way.
  4. Book a ride and enjoy the benefits.

*Note that service areas, pricing, and user experiences vary.

Find your match

Here is a list of carpool mobile apps and websites to help you find someone to share the ride with. NOTE: Providers may change features and details without prior notification to King County Metro. Review and use services at your own discretion.


A mobile app that finds you the most efficient carpool match, lets you schedule individual trips for maximum flexibility, and facilitates payments from riders to drivers.

  • Service area: Residential areas across King County and select work areas
  • Scheduling trips: Separate scheduling for morning and evening trips. Schedule your morning trip by 9:00pm the night before. Evening trips can be scheduled until 3:00pm on the same day. You'll be notified of a match a few minutes after each matching period.
  • Cost for riders: Variable, viewable before booking
  • Driver reimbursement: Variable, viewable before booking
  • Choice of carpool partner: Scoop's algorithm automatically matches you with another carpooler based on the most efficient trip.
  • Safety features: Motor-vehicle history check for drivers, required photos, phone verification, monitored feedback, and optional coworker/Facebook friend filter.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: If you carpool in the morning as a rider and are not matched in the evening, Scoop will cover the cost of your alternate transportation home. More info here.
  • Languages: English

For riders:

For drivers:

Waze Carpool

A mobile app that lets you choose from the most efficient carpool matches, lets you schedule individual trips for maximum flexibility, and facilitates payments from riders to drivers.

  • Service area: Washington State
  • Scheduling trips: Up to one week prior or in real time. One to two days in advance is recommended.
  • Cost for rider: Up to $6 per trip, no matter the distance (for a limited time only).
  • Driver earnings: Variable, viewable before booking (up to $20 per trip and a max of $0.58 per mile).
  • Choice of carpool partner: Choose between matches or filter for co-workers, same gender or private groups.
  • Safety features: Photo, rating, optional same-gender/coworker filter, social profile links
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew

Rideshare Online

A website that shows you the most efficient carpool matches and lets you contact potential carpoolers.

  • Service area: Washington and Oregon
  • Scheduling trips: Any time (generally ongoing carpools)
  • Cost for rider: Up to the rider/driver
  • Driver earnings: Up to the rider/driver
  • Incentives: Check available rewards (login required)
  • Choice of carpool partner: Choose between matches or restrict to co-workers
  • Safety features: Workplace verification
  • Languages: English, Spanish; translation services available by phone at 206-625-4500 (8-5, M-F)
  • WA Relay: Yes

Carpool permit parking at park & rides

It can be a challenge to find a spot at popular park & rides. To make your commute easier, Metro has set aside priority spaces for travelers who carpool to park & rides. Spaces are reserved for permit holders arriving before 8:30 a.m. on weekdays at select park & rides around the county.

Learn more about free carpool parking permits.

Connect with Rideshare

Local Calls: 206-625-4500
WA Relay: 711
Fax: 206-684-2166

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