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Many King County facilities are closed to the public. Learn how to access services remotely or while following social distancing guidelines.  
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Effective 3-21-20 thru 9-18-20

Vigente del 3-21-20 al 9-18-20


*This is an estimated time.

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Schedule Notes

The following notes apply only if the codes are found in the schedule:

    Special Service Information

    Mornings - Jackson Park to First Hill: Makes NO STOPS between NE 65th St & 35th Ave NE and Fairview Ave N St & Republican St EXCEPT on NE 65th St at 30th Ave NE, 24th Ave NE, 18th Ave NE,14th Ave NE, Oswego Pl NE (NE 65th St Park & Ride), and; on NE Ravenna Blvd at I-5. Stops on Fairview Ave N at Thomas St; on Boren Ave at Virginia St, Pike St, Seneca St, Madison St, Columbia St and James St, and; on E Jefferson St at Broadway, 12th Ave and 17th Ave.

    Afternoons – First Hill to Jackson Park: Stops on E Jefferson St at 17th Ave, 12th Ave and Broadway; on Boren Ave at Jefferson St, Columbia St and Madison St; on Seneca St at Terry Ave; on 8th Ave at Pine St; on Virginia St at 9th Ave, and; on Fairview Ave at Denny Way. Makes NO STOPS between Fairview Ave N & Harrison St and NE 65th St & 35th Ave NE EXCEPT on 7th Ave NE at NE 42nd St; on I-5 at NE 45th St; on 8th Ave NE at NE 64th St (NE 65th St Park & Ride), and; on NE 65th St at 16th Ave NE, 20th Ave NE,25th Ave NE and 31st Ave NE.

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