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Effective 9-22-18 thru 3-22-19

Vigente del 9-22-18 al 3-22-19

Frequent routes

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Frequent routes

*View your location on the map using the GPS in your mobile device. Install the free mobile app in order to take advantage of this feature.

Free downtown circulator bus

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Free Downtown Circulator Bus Route (operated by Solid Ground)

Solid Ground Transportation provides curb-to-curb and door-to-door transportation for eligible people who are unable to ride the regular Metro bus service.

Downtown accessibility map

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Seattle Accessibility Map

Seattle is a city of hills. Use this map to guide you around the downtown area to avoid some of the steep and hilly streets and sidewalks. Read more about Accessibility.

Transit tunnel map

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Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel Map

The Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel is a 1.3-mile (2.1 km) public transit tunnel that runs the length of downtown Seattle and features 5 tunnel stations.

2nd/4th Ave boarding locations

2nd and 4th Avenue Boarding Location

3rd Ave boarding locations

3rd Avenue Boarding Locations

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