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King County Metro is developing a number of innovative ways to help people get to transit service. To help meet the growing demand at park & ride lots, Metro is partnering with Diamond Parking Service to allow private property owners the ability to offer fee-based parking to transit users. This pilot program makes use of existing spaces as a cost-efficient strategy to add parking options quickly since traditional park & ride lots take time to plan and construct.

Who will benefit?  FAQ

Starting May 2nd

Now you can reserve conveniently located parking at a number of select parking lots near high frequency transit routes. To see where spaces are available, the cost, and to reserve yours, visit Diamond Parking.

Sign up today and your first month* is FREE!

*Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the project

King County Metro received a grant funded by the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Value Pricing Pilot Program to explore opportunities for market-priced park & ride spaces at commercial and multifamily properties near high frequency transit service. The ability to reserve a space at or near full park & ride lots could enhance the reliability of transit as a commute option. In addition to increasing the number of spaces available, a key benefit is the predictability improvements of market-priced parking. For more details, please see the list of deliverables or read the project's scope of work.

Contact us

King County Metro Transit
201 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104-3856

Diamond Parking Service
Phone: 206-729-0590
Toll-Free: 800-828-4197

Who will benefit?

Many people stand to benefit from this pilot project—here are a few profiles illustrating how the project may benefit individuals and the broader community:

Someone who can't arrive at a P&R early in the day

A number of park & ride lots can fill up early, making it difficult for those arriving later to know if they will be able to park or not. Many shift and wage jobs don't offer scheduling flexibility so coming early to beat the rush isn't always an option.

This program increases the number of spaces available to park & ride users and offers the ability to reserve a guaranteed space providing predictability and reliability that isn't present in traditional first-come, first-served lots.

Someone whose transit route isn't near a P&R

Park & ride lots tend to be located so users have a variety of options for high frequency and high quality transit service, but not all routes stop at major facilities. This program offers a more diverse range of choices to help commuters pick commute options that make the most sense for them. Whether it's driving a shorter distance, avoiding traffic, or just a preferable bus route, more choice is good for transit customers!

Someone managing a commercial or multifamily building

Parking is expensive to build and often those costs are passed on to building tenants. As a parking manager in a partner building, you have the opportunity to better leverage your existing assets including the possibility of passing on savings to tenants, investing in improvements, providing innovative amenities like ORCA transit passes, and generally making your building more competitive in the real estate market.

Local civic impact

Busy commuters on their way to work need coffee and bagels just like the rest of us! More people using transit in your neighborhood could mean a more vibrant pedestrian scene and more customers for local businesses. People walking in the morning from the partner buildings to their transit stop and back in the afternoon means more opportunities for the local economy to thrive.

Transit agencies

This pilot project will allow transit agencies to serve their customer better. By providing customers with more options for where they catch the bus and when they travel, agencies can spread out 'crush loads' and keep service running smoothly and quickly. By utilizing existing parking spaces instead of building new ones, transit agencies can serve more people without investing heavily in new facilities. This project allows King County to minimize the spatial and financial costs of building new lots while serving more people at the same time.

Property recruitment

King County Metro, in partnership with Diamond Parking Services, is testing a new innovative Park & Ride Partnership pilot project that helps private property owners offer parking to transit customers. Diamond Parking is continuing to seek property owners to participate in this pilot project.

Who can participate?

Suitable properties for participation have a number of characteristics:

  • Building Type: Commercial, multifamily, or mixed-use
  • Location: King County
  • Parking Spaces: 10+ spaces (must be available either 24/7 or 7am-6pm)
  • Other: Safe, secure sites, with adequate lighting and a safe pedestrian connection to transit.

Who do I contact to add my property to the pilot project?

Diamond Parking Service
Phone: 206-729-0590

Frequently asked questions

The permit application is managed by Diamond Parking. You can purchase a permit here.

Permits cost from $30 to $155, depending on the location. If you sign up, and while supplies last, your first month is free!

Yes, we will continue to recruit new properties to participate in this pilot program. If you have property which meets the required characteristics and are interested in being part of the pilot program, please contact us here.

No. Revenue from permit sales goes to the properties, which determine the parking fees. Diamond Parking manages the lots and customer transactions. King County's role is to work with Diamond Parking to allow transit customers to park at these locations near frequent transit service.

The key benefit to participating in this program is that it allows you to generate income from your vacant parking spaces. The amount of income depends on a number of factors, but feedback from P&R focus group participants found that people are generally willing to pay between $30 and $110 per month for a guaranteed P&R parking space.

Your main responsibility is to provide parking that meets the program's requirements. King County Metro will market the program to P&R users. Diamond Parking Service will provide customers a way to find, reserve, purchase, and access the parking spaces, as well as manage parking access and security as needed.

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