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These investments include improving and expanding our bases, building new bases, buying more buses, and growing and supporting our workforce—all to keep you moving.

Bases are the heart of our bus system. They provide essential support for safe and reliable service. This support includes housing and maintaining off-duty buses as well as training, dispatching, and managing drivers. Base workforces include bus drivers, supervisors, administrative staff, and mechanics, painters, and others in skilled trades.


Today we operate out of seven bus bases. Space and facilities are already tight at these bases, making it hard to add the new service communities are asking for. To meet growing demand and reach the shared vision described in Metro Connects, our long-range plan, we need to improve and expand our existing bases and build new ones.

To keep our service reliable (on-time) and get our growing number of riders where they need to go, we’re launching a bus base expansion program. It’s designed to meet both the current and future transit demands of our growing region. It will allow us to house and maintain our buses more efficiently and convert to an all-electric bus fleet by 2040.

The program will…

  1. Add temporary capacity on the lot just south of our existing South Base (in Tukwila) to help meet current needs (by 2021).
  2. Expand South Base westward onto Metro-owned property to add permanent capacity for 250 electric buses (by 2025).
  3. Expand Central Campus (Central, Atlantic, and Ryerson bases, south of downtown Seattle) to add capacity (by 2023).
  4. Build a new permanent base to meet growing demand where we need additional service most—likely in south King County (by 2030).

As King County takes action to confront climate change, Metro plays a major role by reducing our transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. We plan to transition to a zero-emission fleet powered by renewable energy by 2040 (learn more). In addition to our existing electric trolley buses, we’re now testing battery-powered all-electric buses.

Our expanded South Base will be the first to get infrastructure supporting these all-electric buses. Then we’ll retrofit all of our existing bases for electric bus charging.

Metro is committed to being a good neighbor. As part of these expansion projects, we’ll work with communities to help create facilities that support their goals and add value.

New and expanded facilities will add jobs, improve nearby infrastructure, and incorporate community benefits. Also, the around-the-clock activity of a bus base has the potential to make its neighborhood safer.

We’ve already partnered with the City of Tukwila to bring innovative mobility solutions to Tukwila residents (learn more).

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Jenna Franklin
Community Relations Planner
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  • Notify neighbors about Central Campus property acquisition
    Metro reaches out to the community near Central Campus about potential property acquisition.
  • Presentation to Tukwila City Council
    Metro presents to Tukwila City Council about partnership, current routes and facilities in the city, and plans for future expansion.
  • Adoption of Metro’s 2019-2020 budget
    Every two years, Metro works with the County Executive’s office to develop a two-year budget. The King County Council considers the proposal and may change it before adopting a final budget.
  • Public outreach on bus base expansion and upcoming construction at South Base
    Metro reaches out to key community groups and neighbors to share information about our bus base expansion projects and upcoming construction work for the South Interim Base.

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