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Route 8 riders can look forward to more-reliable bus service thanks to a series of traffic and parking revisions that will start rolling out in early 2017.

Metro and SDOT are working together to improve Route 8 reliability

Metro is partnering with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to make several improvements along the most congested parts of the route, between Lower Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. These congested areas cause delays, especially during peak travel times or major events at the Seattle Center.

Route 8 serves an estimated 10,000 riders a day, connecting people in Lower Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Madison Valley, Judkins Park and Mount Baker to the Capitol Hill and in Mount Baker Link light rail stations as well as major employment hubs like South Lake Union. The route’s reliability improved after it was divided into two separate routes in March 2016, but late buses are still a problem.

Many of these improvements will help traffic flow a little more smoothly for everyone, a win-win for transit riders and motorists alike.

Specific changes

  • More green signal time for lights on Denny Way at Fifth and Sixth avenues.
  • Turn-lane restrictions at several intersections, to avoid traffic tie-ups that slow everyone down.
  • Converting one of the center westbound lanes of Denny Way between Stewart Street and Fairview Avenue into an eastbound bus-only lane. (This should shorten Route 8’s travel time by about 60 seconds, with little impact on traffic.)
  • On Capitol Hill, restricted on-street parking on short stretches of Denny Way, Olive Way, and East John and East Thomas streets.
  • Expanded bus stops on Olive Way and East John Street so buses don’t have to leave and re-enter busy traffic on their way up the hill, and provide more space and amenities for waiting passengers.
  • New shelters and benches and better lighting at several bus stops between Lower Queen Anne and Capitol Hill.


Metro and Seattle finalized design plans this fall.

The improvements will be made in phases, which should all be finished in 2018. Start and completion dates for specific improvements will depend on the type of work being done and whether we need to coordinate with other work in the area.


Metro received federal grants to fund the improvements. The grants will cover Seattle’s costs to design and make the improvements as well as Metro’s cost for improving bus stop waiting areas by adding shelters, benches, and better lighting at stops from Denny Way and Second Avenue to 15th Avenue East on Capitol Hill.

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