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Give your employees more commuting choices with our easy-to-use Business ORCA Programs! Whether your company numbers 10 or 10,000, you can take advantage of our transportation pass programs to give your employees the commuting power and flexibility they need that comes with every ORCA pass.

Our ORCA Business Passport and ORCA Business Choice programs provide Puget Sound employers with popular commute benefits that scale to fit your company’s needs.

Choosing the right program for your company

ORCA Business Passport

Unlimited movement

Equip your employees with one of the Puget Sound's most popular workplace benefits: unlimited transit travel. Business Passport is an easy-to-manage annual program only available through employers. It provides an unlimited-trip ORCA pass to all benefits-eligible employees, including vanpool and vanshare options as well as Metro's Home Free Guarantee.

What the program looks like:

  • Provide all benefits-eligible employees with an unlimited-use ORCA card
  • Annual program with no monthly program administration required
  • Reassign cards to new employees as staffing changes
  • Option for employee cost-sharing up to 50% cost of unlimited pass
  • Cost based on company's location
  • Complete list of what is included with Passport (PDF)

ORCA Business Choice

Total flexibility

Business Choice provides the most flexibility in size and scale. You select which employees receive an ORCA card and the dollar value you put on it. Fees can be incorporated into pre-tax employee payroll deductions and you can make changes monthly. Your employees can add additional funds to their ORCA cards.

Business Choice at a glance:

  • Purchase ORCA cards and distribute to designated staff
  • Load value on cards via online portal
  • Change card values month to month as needed
  • Employees can supplement value to meet their personal travel needs
  • Option to provide employees with a subsidy or pre-tax benefit
  • View the ORCA products list (PDF)


Easy to use

Online card and account management allows you to plan, budget, and manage your transportation benefits.

Great workplace benefit

Transportation benefits enhance your benefits package and improve employee job satisfaction.

Eco friendly

ORCA Programs lower your employees’ solo commute trips, saving greenhouse emissions and reducing congestion.

Tax savings

Both you and your employees can take advantage of tax-free and pre-tax commuter benefits.

Works across transit systems

Unlock your employees’ commutes with a transportation benefit that works with every major transit agency in the Puget Sound Region:

  • Community Transit
  • Everett Transit
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Metro Transit
  • Pierce Transit
  • Sound Transit
  • King County water taxi
  • Kitsap County local and fast ferry
  • Washington State Ferries*

Compare features

Feature Business Passport Business Choice
Price Basis Company location Transit trip length
Cost Bundled value Equivalent to retail pricing
Term Annual Monthly
Administration Contract renewal Managed online
Number of Employees 5 or more 1 or more
Employee Participation 100% of benefits-eligible Any % of employees
Employee Cost Sharing Up to 50% No restrictions
Employee Pre-Tax Option Yes Yes
Transit Options Unlimited Monthly Pass
Washington State Ferries Not included—separate pass available Monthly Pass
Vanpool 100% Subsidy Metro Monthly Vanpool Pass
Vanshare 100% Subsidy No subsidy
Home Free Guarantee 8 HFG rides per employee each year Not included

Find the right price

Which program is right for your company? Compare costs based on your business size and location.

Questions? Call 206-477-3700 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM to talk to a real person today.