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Area Route Reroute Location Information Service Map

About this page

Metro will announce how weather is affecting its bus routes in seven areas of King County. Some or all of the routes in each area could be rerouted, based on weather and road conditions.

We will display the most up-to-date map. You may also hear the map areas mentioned on news reports. Know the name of the geographic area where you live and work and remember the color codes. They will help you when you hear or receive reports about Metro’s snow service.

The King County Department of Transportation is providing this information as a service to the general public. While every attempt is made to provide accurate and timely information, estimates of the nature and duration of any particular route change or other event are subject to conditions beyond the control of King County and are difficult to predict. Those relying on this information should do so at their own risk, and neither King County nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for the accuracy of this information or any actions taken as a result.

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