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We provide acquisition, warehousing, and distribution support to agencies within King County as well as other municipalities and agencies in the Puget Sound region.

High purchase volumes get us lower prices, which benefit all of our customers (see more benefits below). Our clients are under no obligation to purchase from us, and may choose to buy only those items that offer the best savings.

Our 2018 supply catalog (see link at right) shows the products we carry and the total price for each item when the catalog was printed. This provides a general idea of where we might be able to assist you, but keep in mind that prices fluctuate.

  • Consistent product quality (industrial grade, brand names)
  • Many products unique to special applications and functions of government agencies
  • Inventory available on demand
  • Ongoing price comparisons to identify potential savings
  • Vendor buy-back clause in all contracts: surplus is purchased at market value
  • Assistance with hard-to-find items
  • Special orders placed upon request for non-stock items
  • Fabrication or in-house manufacturing available for some specialty items, including signs
  • Lower prices due to volume purchasing, competitive bidding, and ongoing price comparisons
  • Increased cost distributio reduces overhead and operating costs
  • No funds tied up in maintaining an inventory
  • No waste, loss, obsolescence, or spoilage caused by buying in advance
  • No expenditures incurred until material is picked up
  • Extended hours during severe weathers or emergency situations
  • Assistance with identification and procurement of emergency preparedness products for response staff
  • Paperwork reduction: fewer invoices, accounts-payable transactions, checks, and files
  • Fewer hours spent reconciling invoices
  • One-stop shopping: most items available from a single source
  • All products are checked for hazardous content, and we continually seek more environmentally friendly product substitutions
  • Alleviation of possible purchasing ethics violations
  • Conformance to state purchasing regulations; bid process done by King County
  • Simplified expenditure and policy audits by the state or in-house staff
  • Detailed cost allocation made possible by the Fleet system’s ability to track costs at project level


King County Department of Transportation
Fleet Administration Stores
155 Monroe Avenue NE, Building G
Renton, WA 98056

Northbound on SR-405

  • Take Exit 4 (Bronson Way/Maple Valley)
  • Follow exit signs for Bronson Way
  • Stay in right lane and turn right onto Sunset Boulevard N
  • Turn right at next signal (NE 3rd Street)
  • Follow NE 3rd Street to Monroe Avenue NE
  • Turn right on Monroe Avenue NE
  • Turn right at stop sign
  • First left through parking strip, Maintenance Building ahead (Building G)

Southbound on SR-405

  • Take Exit 4 (Renton/Enumclaw)
  • Get over to left lane and turn left at signal (NE 3rd Street)
  • Follow NE 3rd Street to Monroe Avenue NE
  • Turn right on Monroe Avenue NE
  • Turn right at stop sign
  • First left thru parking strip, Maintenance Building ahead (Building G)

Automotive Stores (AUT)

Heavy equipment and automotive parts, tire chains, windshield cleaner, de-icer fluid, ice scrapers, jumper cables, and Thomas Brothers maps

Construction Stores (CON)

Road construction and building materials, chain, cable, sand bags, and spill containment products

General Stores (GEN)

Hardware, hand tools, garden implements, safety supplies, and cleaning products

Traffic Stores (TRF)

Traffic signs, signal components, electrical supplies, traffic cones, roadway markings, and RPMs


Heavy equipment and automotive tires and tubes

Supply Catalog  756 KB

Contact us

If you have questions or would like a tour of the facility, please contact:

Marian Honeysuckle
Stores operations manager
Send email | 206-477-0141