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Home Free Guarantee (HFG) provides emergency taxi service to commuters arriving at work by an alternative mode (bus, carpool, bicycle or walking). Metro provides program materials to the employer and contracts with taxi companies to provide service for the program. If even half of the employees participating in the HFG program used an alternative commute mode once per week, rather than driving alone, there would be at least 81,000 fewer vehicles on our roadways each week.

What are the benefits of Home Free Guarantee?

To Employers:

  • may reduce demand for employee parking
  • offers easy program administration
  • allows for flexibility of overtime when employees who rideshare are assured a ride home
  • allows employer tax-credit for alternative commute subsidy

To Employees:

  • provides secured ride home for alternative commuters
  • offers flexibility with daily commute options
  • provides low or no cost emergency ride home

How much does a Home Free Guarantee cost?

For your first six months or enrollment, the cost is just $2.16 per employee for companies of more than 100. An affordable, fixed rate is applied to firms of less than 100 employees. If your employee usage of the program does not exceed your original investment during the first six months, then there is no additional cost for the rest of the contract year.

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