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Buildings in Bellevue with TMP requirements are required to observe certain practices and undertake activities so as to reduce the impact of the property on the transportation system.  The TMP agreement runs for the life of the property and requires the property manager/owner to take measures to encourage workers at the site to commute to work in ways other than driving alone.

The City of Bellevue has partnered with King County Metro's Commute Trip Reduction Services group to monitor the TMP programs.  In the fall of every odd-number year (2015, 2017, 2019), property managers are required to prepare a Program Report (251KB PDF) and submit it for review.  The Program Report provides a way to report on strategies and program elements you use to promote commute alternatives to tenants.  Once submitted, the Program Report is reviewed for its completeness, its inclusion of mandatory program elements, and the likelihood it will result in trip reduction.

If applicable, worksites are also required to submit a copy of their Program Summary with their Program Report.  A Program Summary is a document, usually a flyer or brochure, which describes your commute program to tenants.  It should be distributed to all tenants at least once each year and to new tenants as they move in.  A building internet or intranet page describing your program may also be distributed in lieu of a paper document.

Also if applicable, submit a copy of the Lease Language which obligates the tenant to participate in periodic commute surveys required by the City of Bellevue.

Wonder about compliance with Transportation Management Program Requirements? 
Click on the following Bellevue TMP Requirements Compliance chart that compares your building's level of compliance to other buildings in Bellevue.  Your building's TMP Site Number is listed on the chart.  The TMP number can be found in the Program Report Notification email.

Steps to completing your City of Bellevue TMP Program Report

  • Complete the TMP Program Report (251KB PDF). This form can be filled out electronically, using Adobe Acrobat reader 9.15 or higher.  
  • Send the completed Program Report, along with your Program Summary and Lease Language(if applicable), via email to

If you have any questions regarding these materials, or the reporting process please contact your transportation representative Pamela Cook, at 206-477-5819 or via email

Some of downtown Bellevue's office buildings have performance targets that are measured by conducting a biennial commute survey.  Building where a survey is required are contacted in the fall of each even-numbered year (2016, 2018, 2020) and provided support for their survey process.

If you are a new property manager for a Bellevue TMP site, please send an introductory email to and include the property name and your contact information.

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