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Symetra Financial is a diversified financial services company based in downtown Bellevue. Symetra provides commuting options that help employees save money, reduce stress, and preserve the environment. They encourage employees to take pride in doing their part to maintain air quality in our region and to reduce traffic congestion in our community.

Symetra actively promotes alternatives to drive-alone commuting using our dedicated commute website, newsletter articles and targeted emails. Symetra promotes Wheel Options and Bike Month to employees and donates prizes to the state Wheel Options promotion. The company educates employees on their commute programs during the initial employment interview and as part of the new hire orientation process.

Symetra contributes towards monthly vanpool, vanshare, and ferry fares for employees and offers all employees a partially subsidized ORCA Passport that provides unlimited rides on area bus and rail. In addition, Symetra provides discounted Zipcar membership, secure bike cages, a guaranteed ride home program and flexible work schedules to help minimize the need to drive alone to work. Full-time bike commuters can qualify for a $20 monthly commute allowance.

Their Free Pass to Ride program lets employees ride the bus for up to 2 weeks at no cost so they can make an informed decision before signing up for the ORCA Passport program. Symetra worked with their landlord to provide two free parking vouchers per month for employees who regularly bus, bike, walk or share the ride to work. This give employees the flexibility to drive to work when they need to take care of personal business during the work week.

Last, but not least, Symetra raised employee parking rates in 2012. Initially, this was done to help fund the commute program and it made an impact on their drive alone rate. Their 2013 commute survey shows a 37.8% drive alone rate for all employees which is a reduction 14% from the 2007 drive alone rate. This is an estimated $4,000 annual dollars saved and an estimated annual reduction of 3,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions per employee.