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KPFF is an engineering firm located in downtown Seattle that not only works in civil and structural engineering but also to improve the regional transportation infrastructure. KPFF oversees, designs and engineers many projects in the Puget Sound area with the goal of alleviating traffic congestion and reducing emissions. KPFF likes to practice what it preaches with an award-winning commuter program and impressive results - an 11.5% drive-alone rate for all KPFF employees.

KPFF offers ORCA Passport to all employees at a significantly reduced cost of $25 per month. More than two thirds of KPFF employees take transit to work daily, racking up more than half a million bus passenger miles per year. For those employees who only need a bus pass temporarily, KPFF maintains a stock of extra ORCA cards that employees may check out and use at no charge. The company also owns a fleet of six cars that employees may reserve for use during company hours, so that employees who must attend meetings need not drive their own cars to work that day. KPFF utilizes rental cars and taxis for employees and business guests when necessary. In addition, through ORCA Passport, KPFF provides a guaranteed ride home so that employees who don't drive alone to work won't be stranded in the event of an emergency or unexpected overtime.

KPFF encourages biking to work by providing both covered and uncovered bike racks and by promoting Bike Month activities to employees. A shower and locker facility in the building offers its services to cyclists for only $10 per month. To further reduce commute trips, KPFF offers a 4/40 compressed work week schedule and teleworking options.

In addition to showing transportation leadership across the state through their work as engineers, KPFF employees are taking big steps to reduce congestion and emissions in their own daily commutes.