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BECU is the largest credit union in Washington and the fourth largest in the US. BECU is headquartered in Tukwila and has goals in place to become completely carbon neutral by 2035 - the year of its 100th anniversary. BECU has a sustainability committee in place to track and help reduce its carbon footprint. The commute program plays a large part in their plans. From 2007 to 2013, BECU reduced its carbon footprint by 160 metric tons of CO2 while, during the same timeframe, they added 100 employees.  BECU reduced their company fleet by 83% and business travel to 58% to help meet this goal.

BECU continues to support and enhance its Commute Program and Employee Commute Benefits in an economic climate where other companies are still cutting back. BECU offers every employee a fully subsidized ORCA Passport which provides unlimited rides on Puget Sound bus and rail systems. They also provide personalized commute trip planning to encourage employees to use non drive-alone commutes.