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An employee commute program is a business tool that gives your employees choices for getting to work and can help manage business resources. Companies and organizations provide commute benefits to their employees for many reasons, including:

  • Reduces our impact on global climate change

    In Washington, more than 45 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with transportation (cars, trucks, planes, and ships). This means employers who encourage employees to use alternatives to drive alone commuting can make a big difference in reducing our contribution to global warming.

  • Provides tax savings for both employer and employee

    Employers who provide commuter benefits to their employees can receive a tax credit from the State of Washington. The IRS allows somecommuter benefits to be given to employees as a tax-exempt fringe benefit or using employee pre-tax dollars.

  • Reduces parking and work site traffic problems

    Traffic will flow better around your work site and parking will be easier to find for customers, clients and vendors who visit the site as well as for employees. An aggressive employee commute program can even reduce parking costs by freeing up demand for additional employee parking.

  • Boosts employee productivity, morale and wellness

    Employers have reported increased productivity, improved employee morale, and reduced absenteeism as a result of employee commute programs that promote bicycling, walking, transit, carpooling, and vanpooling. Some employers are promoting bicycling and walking as part of their effort to increase employee wellness and decrease medical costs.

  • Enhances corporate image

    Traffic congestion, environmental sustainability and climate change are major topics of concern in our region. Companies that address these issues by providing commute benefits become known as leaders, good companies to work for, and good neighbors. There is even recognition at the national level for companies that are BEST Workplaces for Commuters.

  • Helps meet goal to reduce drive-alone commute trips

Steps to getting management support

  1. Review or download the Commute Benefits presentation and think about how CTR can support your company’s mission statement.
  2. Give a presentation to management that positions CTR as an integral part of the company mission.
  3. Share commute data (survey results) with management.
  4. Add commute benefits that address a company need or makes it more competitive within its industry.
  5. Look for a "commute champion" within upper management and work with them to sell your program.
  6. Provide managers with easy ways to show their support of the program such as asking them to email the announcement about the upcoming survey or asking them to congratulate all bike commuters on Bike-to-Work Day.
  7. Keep management informed of the results of your CTR program.