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Most King County offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 22-23, 2018, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  
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Directory of Tenants Fees and rates
Airport code: BFI
Field elevation: 21.0 MSL surveyed
Latitude: 47-31.30N
Longitude: 122-18.12W estimated
24-hour Operations line 206-296-7334
Airport Administration 206-296-7380
ASOS 206-763-6904
ATIS 206-767-4113
Control Tower (FAA) 206-658-6400
Fixed-base operators see tenant directory
Flight Service Station 206-658-6600
Operations (24-hour) 206-296-7334
Police/Rescue and Fire Fighting 206-296-7392
U.S. Customs* 206-901-3200
U.S. Immigration and Border Protection* 206-553-4466
after hours: 206-553-0667
U.S. Department of Agriculture* 206-244-4244

*BFI is an international port of entry

Itinerant/transient aircraft parking

Transient light general aviation parking is available on airport-operated transient parking tie-downs near the Museum of Flight’s six reserved tie-downs. There is also limited drop-off and pick-up capability at the airport terminal. The daily rate is $10.00 (payable on arrival). Please call 206-296-7334 before your flight to make aircraft parking arrangements.

Fees and rates: see our fees and rates page.

Two-way radio contact must be maintained until leaving Boeing Class D airspace. Flight plans may be activated at 1-800-WXBrief or with Seattle Radio on 122.5 or 123.65.

Controller Function Frequency
Short Runway 14L/32R 118.3
Long Runway 14R/32L 120.6
Ground Control Taxi 121.9
Clearance Delivery IFR Clearance 132.4
  ILS/DME 110.9
VOT Equipment Testing 108.6
Seattle Approach Transition Airspace 119.2/123.9
Seattle Approach VFR Practice Approaches 125.9
Operator Phone Toll-free Unicom
Kenmore Aero Services* 206-762-6376 1-866-410-6376 131.75
Clay Lacy Aviation* 206-762-6000 1-800-768-1101 131.025
Signature Flight Support* 206-763-0350 1-800-341-4102 129.025
The Boeing Company 206-655-1131   123.55

*Offer fueling services. BFI has no self-fuel available.

Thumbnail: detail of a diagram

Map of services  PDF (109 KB)

  • Agriculture clearance
  • Air Traffic Control Tower 24/7
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting 24/7
  • Avionics and repairs
  • Fixed base operators
  • Flight Training
  • Fuel (Jet-A & 100LL)
  • Hangars
  • Helicopter Services
  • Public Health
  • Tie-Downs
  • US Customs & Immigration

For itinerant parking arrangements, contact BFI Operations at 206-296-7334.

Runway 32L Glide path is 3.10 degrees (4-light PAPI on left)
Runway 14R Glide path is 3.00 degrees (4-light PAPI on left)
Approaches ILS, LOC/DME
Runway 14R/32L 10,000' x 200'
Runway 14L/32R 3,710' x 100'

Airport Advisories

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