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Here are some helpful tips when buying a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle:

  • Check to ensure the seller has the title.
  • Be suspicious of a ridiculously low price or a fresh paint job on a late model vehicle.
  • Make sure the seller is the owner named on the vehicle title. Don’t be afraid to ask to see some photo identification.
  • Verify past insurance and financing, and current registration and license plate sticker.
  • Make sure the VIN has not been tampered with and matches the number on the vehicle title.
  • Obtain both sets of the original keys.
  • Make sure the report of sale is sent to Department of Licensing promptly.

Keep a written record of your purchase

  • Keep all paperwork, purchase orders, canceled checks, warranty agreements, and timelines for completion.
  • Keep the names of all points of contact, such as the people you do business with at the dealership. Keep their names, phone numbers, titles, and business cards.
  • It is difficult to prove oral promises. Get all commitments for services, improvements, or changes to the product in writing.
  • Get the name of the company that is providing all warranty work and a copy of the underwriter’s warranty agreement.

For more tips on protecting yourself when you buy a vehicle, visit the Department of Licensing.