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Mitzi Johanknecht

YMCA Camp put Into Temporary Lockdown After Gun Shots Are Heard


A YMCA Day Camp with around 50 kids near Preston was put into a lockdown while King County Sheriff Deputies, including a SWAT team and Guardian 1 helicopter, looked for the source of the sound of multiple gunshots in the area. The lockdown was lifted after approximately 3 hours of looking turned up nothing.


At around 1116 AM, on Thursday, June 2, 2016, King County Sheriff 911 communications received reports from people hearing the sound of multiple gunshots in the area of SE 86 / 311 Ave SE in the Unincorporated area of King County near Preston.  While much of this area is designated as “open shoot,” meaning it is legal to fire guns in a SAFE place, time, and manner, the proximity to a local YMCA day camp had Deputies concerned.


Deputies arrived in the area a short time later and asked the camp to go into a temporary lockdown while they looked for the sounds of the gunshots.  Deputies and the reporting parties heard anywhere from 30-60 rounds total over a 20 minute period initially.  The last shot that was heard, came at around 1144 AM and was heard by deputies that were walking in the woods.  Deputies reported that this last shot sounded close enough that they were unsure if they were the targets.


After this, several other Deputies, including the Sheriff’s Office Guardian 1 helicopter as well as multiple TAC-30 team members, responded to the area.   Guardian 1 checked the area by air with a FLIR and the TAC-30 team checked the area, including several small out buildings in the area, by foot.


Despite over 3 hours of searching, no suspects or evidence of any shooting was found.  At around 2:30pm, Deputies that had been at the camp during the search, lifted the lockdown and the roads in the area were re-opened.


It is unclear what or if anything was the target of the shots that were heard, or who was doing the shooting. No person was ever seen shooting or holding a gun.  No evidence was found of anything being hit or damaged by any gunshots.  There were no injuries to anyone during this incident.


Deputies would like to speak with anyone that may have been in the area shooting or know of someone who was.  Anyone with that information is asked to call 206-296-3311.


The area where this occurred is in rural, unincorporated King County.  Although they were not able to pinpoint the exact location where the shots were being fired, it was likely in an open shoot area.  There are still rules and laws that apply to firing guns in these areas.  Citizens wishing to fire guns in open shoot areas are reminded that it should be in a safe place and away from any occupied structures or spaces of any kind.